Presentation Day

Presentation Day (Episode 6): The Woman in the Picture

11:00 am

Tony finished a rather long conversation with the man from EFCC, Emeka; they went to a nearby restaurant to talk and Emeka told Tony everything he needed him to do “no one can know about this, not even the woman… I mean your woman” Emeka warned “I don’t have a woman and no one will, I promise” Tony assured him and they shook on it.

Tony made his way back to the Abuja Private Clinic; he figured that Mr. Henry would have been found by now and put in treatment but what he didn’t know was whether Mr. Henry was awake and telling people what had happened to him. He wanted to be there to see things for himself and so he took the risk of walking into the bull’s eye.

As he entered the clinic, the receptionist was not at her desk so he walked right in without signing the visitor’s book. He went to the conference room and Mr. Henry was no there. “Please do you know where my partner is?” he asked a doctor’s secretary who was passing by “Are you with Mr. Henry?” the woman asked and Tony nodded.

The man told him how it was a miracle that Mr. Henry was found on time “the man was unconscious and if we didn’t find him, he would have been dead by now. They think it was a heart attack” Tony’s acting skills took gear “oh no. Is he okay?” “Yes but he will remain in the ward… come and talk to Doctor Charles” Tony followed the man to Dr. Charles’s office who explained everything to Tony.

“Thank God you people found him on time; I just dashed to the office to quickly get a document. Can I see him now?” “Sure” the doctor replied leading him towards the hospital room Mr. Henry was in.

Tony entered the room and walked slowly towards Mr. Henry’s bed “you can’t stay long, he needs his rest” Dr. Charles warned and Tony nodded to his instruction.

Tony sat on the chair close to Mr. Henry’s bed and the sound of him sitting made him open his eyes. The moment he saw Tony, he became alarmed and tried to call the nurse but Tony stopped him. “I come in peace, don’t provoke me again” the sinister look on Tony’s face made me relent from calling anyone’s attention. Tony enjoyed his new found power over Mr. Henry; if he knew it was going to be like this, he would have strangled the bastard years ago. The fear in Mr. Henry’s eyes gave him joy.

“How are you feeling?” Tony asked “how am I feeling? How am I feeling? You tried to kill me. You tried to kill me” Mr. Henry found it difficult to talk but you could hear the anger and fear in his voice. “I didn’t try to kill you. I don’t try to kill, if I wanted to kill you… you will be dead” Tony was surprised at his murdery sounding statement but it didn’t bother him as long as it made Mr. Henry scared of him.

“You better tender in your resignation before I get out of this place. You have some nerve coming back here to tell me this bullshit. Let me tell you something you don’t know, the police are on their way and by the time I tell them what you did, then you can tell them that if you really wanted me dead I would be dead by now” it was Mr. Henry’s last attempt of regaining power but his words only made Tony laugh.

“If you want to call the police on me then you might as well call the police on yourself too” “what do you mean?” Mr. Henry was like a confused child. Tony brought out a picture he clearly printed from Facebook from his briefcase and gave it to Mr. Henry; Mr. Henry immediately recognized the woman in the picture but he couldn’t help but ask “What is this?”

“It is the picture of the woman who has a son for you… now tell me, does your wife know about her?” “I don’t see how the police will be interested in my marital affairs” Mr. Henry countered. Tony brought out another printed picture from his briefcase and this time the woman in the second picture brought panic to Mr. Henry’s face.

“If you want to bite a snake, make sure you also have venom” Tony whispered and walked out. He had never been more confident in his life. The second picture was that of a woman who disappeared mysteriously; the last person the woman was with was Mr. Henry and only Tony knew that because he was the one who booked their flights to Anambra.

Nobody knew what happened to the woman but then again nobody knew that she was on a trip with Mr. Henry and if the police found out, it was obvious that he was going to be the suspect; the suspect in the disappearance case of the Vice President’s niece. He would lose everything.

Tony was the type of person who gathered things on his enemy; emails, numbers, dirty secrets, and more dirty secrets. These were things he gathered on Mr. Henry for a rainy day that he never knew would come.

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