Presentation Day

Presentation Day (Episode 5): Something Private Happened at the Private Clinic

10:00 am

“I will be right back, I want to go and get something. Please help me tell them that I am coming” Tony said to the receptionist “okay sir” she replied with a smile. Tony was on his way out quite alright but he had no intention of going back to the Abuja Private Clinic. He had let his temper and frustrations get the best of him, so he was running away.

Moments before he finally strangled the life out of Mr. Henry, Tony came back to his senses and let the man go free; but unfortunately for him, Mr. Henry was already unconscious, so he took his bag and left, leaving Mr. Henry unconscious in the conference room of the Private clinic.

Tony was pretty sure that Mr. Henry was not dead; after all Abuja Private Clinic was a hospital and when they find him, they would treat him and he would wake up and sing to the police about what happened to him.

“It is over” he thought, referring to his job with IKY investment group. His plan was to go bank to IKY office building, sneak into his office, back all his things and vamoose in most discreet way possible. While thinking of his job and what he was going to do to survive financially, his father’s phone call interrupted his thoughts with thoughts of his sister.

“I have not been able to reach Janet, have you seen her?” his father sounded very concerned. “No papa, I haven’t” “but she told she was going straight to your house from the airport” his father caught him a lie but he was able to wiggle his way out of it. “Yes papa, she came to my place but she left and I haven’t seen her since. I called her this morning after my meeting at Abuja Private Clinic but she didn’t pick” “oh, you have been trying to reach her too?” his father sounded a little surprised that he tried to reach his sister; it wasn’t something he did often and everyone in the family knew.

Tony ended the phone call reassuring his father that he was going to call him as soon as he was able to reach Janet. As he made his way back to the office building, he noticed Mr. Henry’s driver by the security post of the building. “Amos, what are you doing here?” Amos’s mouth was full so all he could do was wave his hands until he was done swallowing but by then Tony was already inside the building. He didn’t have the time to wait for the driver to eat and answer.

As planned, Tony packed his things, wrote a short but intelligently written resignation letter, and was about to be on his way when a voice called out to him “Mr. Tony Barz?” his office door was ajar, so the person pushed the door and let himself in “I’m sorry, who are you?” Tony was not interested in whatever the man had to say. His ordeal at the Abuja Private Clinic had sealed his day for him, he was ready to go home to his dead sister Janet.

“You can go next door and my colleague will attend to you” Tony walked passed him but the man’s next words will stop him dead in his tracks “My name is Emeka Johnson and I am from the EFCC. This is about the investigation we have been conducting on Mr. Henry and his team and from what I know; you are part of that team. Are you not?”

Tony looked at Emeka “I didn’t do anything wrong” “I know, the investigation is mostly on your boss and his work with the CEO on some special accounts” “so why are you here? What do you need me for?” Tony was scared.

“I am here to ask for your co-operation. Co-operate on the investigation of your boss Mr. Henry and perhaps, we can help you take his position in this organization” Words Tony could never imagine hearing from anyone. All he had to do was help the EFCC find whatever they wanted and they will in return give him his dream position.

A slight smile appeared on one corner of his lip; the picture of Mr. Henry in jail was comforting “What do you want me to do for you?” Tony asked as he grabbed his resignation letter from his table, tearing it in pieces. “I would like to know Mr. Henry’s where abouts”

“He is currently at the Abuja Private Clinic” he replied without hesitation. It would be difficult and he knew that he had his work cut out for him but he believed that he had a chance. A chance to get his job back.   

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