Presentation Day

Presentation Day (Episode 16): Tony The Terrorist

8:15 – 8:30 pm

It was an underground parking lot; Olinlin drove cautiously while Tony scanned the place with his eyes “make I park here?” “No wait first” Tony replied “park here” he pointed at the darkest spot in the parking lot. “Take this” he said giving Olinlin the Taser that Emeka gave to him while they were in the EFCC building.

“Oga wetin be this?” “If anybody tries to attack you, press here and put it on their neck” he showed Olinlin a button on the Taser and disappeared into the darkness.

When he reached a car that was five cars away from his, he scanned the parking lot quickly in case someone was looking; opened the car and entered. “Tonee …Tonee… e don tey o” it was Skippy, the mystery man he spoke to on the phone earlier that night

“Skippy… you haven’t changed a bit” Tony replied “unfortunately for you bro… I can’t say the same. You look like shit… what happened to your arm?” “Long story… you have my stuff?” Tony was in a hurry “yes, but you know I don’t do short notice” “I know… I know… and I am very sorry and I appreciate it, I swear”

Skippy brought out two medium size boxes from behind “this is the semi-automatic you asked for” he opened the first box revealing a gun “and this is compressed gas” he opened the second box revealing a homemade bomb” Tony attempted to touch the homemade bomb but Skippy slapped his away “don’t touch it!”

“It will injure anybody who is about two to five metres close to it” Skippy explained “but it won’t kill them… well most likely” “can I have the remote?” Tony asked “the remote of what?” Skippy looked confused “the remote of this thing” Tony waived at the bomb and Skippy laughed.

He laughed to his content “do you know what this is?” “Yes… this is a bomb” Tony replied a bit irritated “this is a homemade bomb. Compressed gas in a tin…” “I get it… remote no dey” “remote no dey” Skippy began to laugh again.

“So how I go light am up?” Tony asked already tired of being in that car with Skippy “timer, I put a timer inside… when you are ready, you switch it on. The timer is for thirty minutes” “thirty minutes!? That’s not enough time” “well you didn’t give me enough time to source for this. Short notice… short time”

The reality of things was starting to dawn on Tony; he was purchasing things that he never knew he was capable of using in this life time. “How much for everything?” he asked “one mill” Skippy replied with a smirk on his face.

“One million!? One million for just a gun and…” “a gun that comes with bullets” Skippy interrupted “one million is too much” Tony said adamantly “it is obvious that you haven’t bought a gun and a bomb in a while, so I can take my gun and let you go somewhere else to see if the price is better” Skippy attempted to put the boxes away but Tony stopped him.

“Wait now, it hasn’t come to that… okay… okay. I will take it, I will make the transfer in the morning” “no cash” Skippy was firm “okay cash” he reached his uninjured arm towards Skippy for a handshake and Skippy gave him a reluctant one.

“Thank you” Tony said struggling to carry both boxes with his uninjured arm “need help with that?” Skippy asked “no I’m fine” Tony replied as he put one box on top of the other and made his way back to his car.

In the short walk back to his car, he came up with a plan… a plan to show Anderson Chuma how dangerous he could be. It was a show, he wasn’t actually going to set the bomb off; the only thing that could hinder his plan was if Anderson called his bluff.

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