Presentation Day

Presentation Day (Episode10): Investment Groups Also Invest In Humans

3:00 pm

The CEO of IKY Investment Group, Anderson Chuma was a very intelligent and ambitious man; a man in a position that men his age could only dream of but there is a saying that goes “no man is an island” and that saying was manifesting itself at that moment… the moment when he needed Tony’s help but made it look like he was helping Tony fulfill his part as a good citizen and loyal staff of IKY Investment Group.

“You do this and your loyalty to this company is sure” he concluded his speech to Tony, a speech Tony barely listened to because he was distracted with the vision of Mr. Henry threatening him from prison. “Okay no problem, I will call the EFCC guy first thing in the morning” “Today is Friday” Anderson pointed out “fine, I will call him first thing on Monday morning” words that didn’t seem to please Anderson.

He leaned back and looked at Tony as if he was scanning his brain for hidden information “Are you serious about your role in IKY Investment Group?” an odd question that Tony did not understand “yes sir, I am ready to do my part to move this company forward” Tony replied as if he was interviewing for his job all over again “then make the call” Anderson commanded.

There was no time to wait, he received information on the day before from a reliable source that the EFCC was building an embezzlement case against IKY Investment Group “I don’t know how long they have been building the case but from what I have observed, it is over two months now and they are closing in” his source divulged; so there was no time to wait. Anderson needed to act fast.

“I will make the call… now” Tony said cautiously “here is my number, call me immediately you get off the phone with him” Anderson dialled his number into Tony’s phone and saved it as Andy. That was when Tony understood that what Anderson wanted him to do was not duty to his company but a favour… a huge favour.

In all the years that Tony has worked in IKY Investment Group, eight people have been fired solely for calling Mr. Anderson Mr. Andy… it was an abbreviation of his name that he hated more than small box; something that he said himself in a general staff meeting. So, for him to dial his number himself and save it as that name, it meant that he was somewhat desperate.

“Alright Tony, I shall be on my way… will be expecting your call soon, say the next thirty minutes?” Tony nodded and Anderson headed towards the door. “I thought Mr. Henry is your guy, why do you want to throw him under the bus?” the question took Anderson aback.

“There is no friend in business son” he replied softly “But Mr. Henry is your guy. I remember when your mother died, he was the only one you let attend her burial… he is the only one who goes to your house in that entire office and you are a very private man” there was a long moment of silence “so what’s up?” Tony urged Anderson to speak but he said nothing.

He walked back to the chair and sat down “what are you insinuating?” his face was serious, the man who called Tony ‘son’ moments ago was gone “I am not insinuating anything, I just want to know what is actually going on” Tony hid his scare perfectly.

“Everything you need to know is in the envelope I gave you, just make the call and all will be well” “I don’t think I can do what you are asking, I don’t want to be the one who puts Mr. Henry in trouble” Tony confessed he was giving into the fear that his accident had instilled in him “and why can’t you do it?” Anderson was losing his patience.

“I understand that you want the best for IKY Investment Group…” Tony started and went on to explain his fear for Mr. Henry, he told Anderson how Mr. Henry tried to kill him earlier and that he was terrified that if he gave Mr. henry to the EFCC; Mr. Henry would complete his mission to kill him.

There was a long pause “let me ask you this, to die or to watch your loved ones die… which is easier” the question sent chills down Tony’s spine, chills that sealed his lips from giving a reply.

Anderson took out a smaller envelope from his suit jacket and gave it to Tony; Tony who was scared of looking at the content opened it. As he looked through the pictures from the envelope, his hands shook so much that they fell from his hands. There were pictures of all the members of his family, nuclear, extended… everyone “please don’t hurt my family” Tony begged and Anderson laughed “the fear of Anderson Chuma is the beginning of wisdom” was Anderson’s response as he exited the hospital room.

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