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Pidgin News (65): Demolish Corona not Buildings

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Mazi, good morning o.

Egbon, this wan wey you dey phone me this early mur mur. Wetin happen now?

My brother, you hear say Nyesom Wike don dey demolish houses?

Demolish? Say wetin happen?

En demolish two good hotels because dem violate lockdown order

Chineke! Wait fes, I no understand. Which kind demolish you dey talk of? The kind demolish wey dey scatter the entire hotel to the ground?

Mazi, which other type of demolish dey again? Na wa for you o

Nna enh, I know no now. How en go demolish person business because of lockdown, no be sheer wickedness be that?

My brother na serious wickedness. E better make en lock dem for jail for two months instead of to demolish their hotel. Abi dem get another quarrel wey we no know about?

Hmmm, except that wan because the other story no just make any sense at all. For this hard time en demolish two hotels. A whole two hotels? Na this kind news dey make me craze. Why you tell me this kind thing this morning sef

The way wey you wan craze na the same way wey me I don craze finish. How government go demolish my hotel because of lockdown, because of lockdown… no be say I kee person… na lockdown. Hmmm. E no get anything wey person no go hear for this country.

Speaking of lockdown, federal government don dey threaten say dem go bring back the total lockdown again if we no take time.

As you dey see me so enh, I don tire; so whether dem bring back the lockdown o or dem no bring am back o that wan na their business because e dey obvious say our government no truly care about us. The thing wey I dey do now na to protect me and my household

Mazi, this thing wey you just talk so na the thing wey every Nigerian suppose do now because the truth be government no care about us. You know say Kogi state no even get one isolation centre?

But them talk say dem no get any corona virus case now.

Dem no get any case or dem no dey test anybody because dem no get any isolation centre to treat people

Na wa o. so all the other states wey dey run helter skelter to provide the small testing and treatment facilities get two head or wetin?

Egbon, dem get five head. The governor of Kogi state no even care now

No worry, en go care when the thing wey happen for Kano and Bauchi start to happen for en dormot.

People don dey die for Bauchi? I no hear that wan o

Aaaah. One hundred people don die so far and corona dey spread anyhow for that state like fire.

Na wa o. but why na the north? Why the thing dey do dem like this for the north?

If you ask me, who I go ask? Only God go know, we no fit place one thing as the reason why e dey kill dem like that.

And the annoying thing be say even the so called test wey NCDC dey test is not enough. Can you believe that out of the whole Nigeria, the number of people wey dem don test overall no reach fifty thousand people.

Na so I hear o. the only solution to help us to test more people na if we start to dey make testing kit for this country by ourselves instead of to dey wait for china to send testing kit every time.

Na good idea be that. You go fit call people for government tell them this thing wey you just tell me?

Dem no need anybody to tell dem when some other African countries don start to dey make their own… dem suppose know this now.

Na true you talk. hmmm

Anyway. Make I leave you.

No problem. later.

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