Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (307): DJ Cuppy Ruminates Over Death

Egbon: Na this Buhari son wedding be the true meaning of talk of the town, dem paint town red, con paint the sky blue, everywhere con dey show rainbow colour, ah, ah, kilode

Mazi: My brother, money good, you no see the big big people wey show face for the wedding party (cut in..

Egbon: Forget that talk jare, no be our money dem go dey use show for the wedding, you no see the number of private jets wey dem carry go Kano sake of the wedding

Mazi: How e take be your money, your own money lost?

Egbon: No be tax payers money dem dey take do show, las las, i no even know the thing wey people go remember this government for as suffer head plenty like this, maybe na that one go be their legacy

Mazi: Dem still get 2 years, na that legacy wey you talk make me remember the thing wey Otedola daughter, Dj Cuppy talk o

Egbon: Wetin Dj cuppy talk ontop legacy, her papa don already get legacy, she no need worry herself again

DJ Cuppy

Mazi: Which kain talk be that, na why Dj Cuppy self reason the matter go front, go back, talk the thing wey she talk now say wetin people go remember about her after she don pai

Pidgin News (307): Dj Cuppy Ruminates Over Death
Florence Otedola, also known as DJ Cuppy.

Nnamdi Kanu’s Lawyer Raises Alarm

Egbon: Hmmm, na very big question be that o, we suppose to dey remember say one day, we no go dey this world again, na the thing wey we do, people go dey talk, either good or bad

Mazi: Yes o, we suppose do everything possible to leave good name, e better pass riches

Egbon: I even read something inside Newspaper o, where Nnamdi Kanu lawyer dey para say some fake Prophets dey send ham message ontop Kanu matter

Mazi: Ehn ehn, wetin the prophets dey talk and how him take know say na fake dem be

Crime In Lagos

Egbon: Him no talk the things wey dem dey send ham o, but e say the fake prophets dey cause distractions ontop the matter wey dey court… i no just understand why some people get bad mind like this

Mazi: Wetin happen again, anybody do you bad?

Egbon: Nobody do me bad o, na this thing wey happen for Lagos just dey wonder me, dem say one man kidnap him neigbour pikin con ask for 2.5 million naira ransom

Mazi: Ehn ehn, for this economy like this, and some people go dey blame government and the evil wey dem dey do for their corner no be small o

Egbon: Well… i no support as people dey do evil up and down, but, if to say government self do the thing wey dem suppose do, make people get job, crime no go booku like this

Mazi: Tah… that one no be excuse, even if government create job plenty, people wey still wan do evil, go still do am

Egbon: Na why i talk say i no support evil be that, but if we talk the bad bad things wey people dey do, make we no forget to talk the things wey government no do too, chikena

Mazi: As things be like this for this country, make everybody dey shine their eyes, make the matter no enter sorry case, as we no even know who to trust again

Egbon: No be lie o, shine ya eyes like the theme of this year big brother naija, make dem no do you strong thing

Mazi: Yes o, if no be say i get appointment self, i for even go this Yusuf Buhari weeding for Kano

Egbon: You go go wedding, when no be say na business dem wan do there, wo, make i con dey go jare

Mazi: No wahala now, but remember say person fit do business anywhere o

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