Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (306): Fani Kayode Looseguard Again

Fani Kayode Looseguard

Mazi: I dey always tell people say permanent enemy no dey for Politics, especially for this Naija wey we dey, person wey abuse APC yesterday, fit join the party before daybreak

Egbon: No be lie o, but the game wey Naija politicians dey play show say dem no get shame, na anywhere belle face dem dey run go, but wetin make you start this talk self?

Mazi: No be this Fani Kayode wey talk say make dem sack Isa Pantami that time wey dem accuse am say him dey support Alqaeda, na then him write long epistle call the man different bad bad names o, now him don change mouth

Egbon: Laugh… so na Fani Kayode matter dey surprise you like this, na that man dem suppose make the Chairman anywhere belle face Association of Nigeria

Mazi: Imagine o, this Fani Kayode wey dey talk say Pantami na terrorist, say him dey support terrorist group, small time now, the same Pantami don turn to him brother and friend

Egbon: Naso that man wey just be, na part of the politicians wey no get shame for this country, small time, e go look like say na common man dem dey support, before you check am again, dem don change mouth sake of small change wey enter their pocket

Mazi: Kai, na ontop Facebook I see where Fani Kayode post photo say him plus Pantami and some other people go Bubu son wedding, this wan show say na only party name be the difference wey dey between all these politicians

Fani Kayode

Pidgin News (306): Fani Kayode Looseguard Again
Fani Kayode and Isa Pantami

EFCC Arrests Former Governor

Egbon: I dey tell you, dem no get Ideology wey person fit say one better pass the other, all of dem just dey follow one wey, these people no get better plan for this country at all

Mazi: Kulu temper, no be all of dem get bad mind, we still get some politicians wey fit do well if dem get chance (cut in…

Egbon: Mention one of them make i hear, no be one tory talk say EFCC arrest before before Governor for Abia State, Theodore Orji, and him son ontop 500 Billion naira mago mago

Mazi: 500 Billion naira kwa, this wan heavy for mouth o, kai, many of these politicians dey pack money no be small o

Egbon: You see and you wan make i beleive say dem get Naija inetrest for mind, many of dem wey never thief money dey find how dem go thief am, and even the people wey don thief, EFCC go just carry dem, free dem later, you hear anything ontop Abdulrasheed Maina again?

Paul Okoye’s Marriage Crashes

Mazi: Hmmm, no be small something o, even the money wey EFCC talk say dem dey collect self, we no see anything, the government still dey borrow money

Egbon: You self think am now, and dem go dey talk say make Naija people dey pray, when e clear say na dem dey siddon ontop the country

Mazi: Na wa, God go deliver Naija…… but wait o, i no understand wetin dey happen to marriages these days o, marriage just dey cut like rubber band up and down, dem say Paul Okoye wife don go court say she no dey do again

Egbon: Ahhh, No be one of the P Square singers dey bear Paul Okoye

Mazi: Na him o, dem say their 7 year old marriage don pack for one side and i even hear say na like 17 years dem don know each other o and even get like 3 pikin self

Pidgin News (306): Fani Kayode Looseguard Again
Twin Pastors.

Egbon: Chai, na only Baba God know the reason why the marriage scatter just like that o… Mazi, con check these shameless Twin Pastors as dem give 12 year old girl belle for Lagos con run commot

Mazi: Ahhhh, I no sure say dem be true pastor o, how dem go do that kain thing with that small girl, see as dem old now

Egbon: No be so almost everybody wan turn pastor, dem say na for like 1 year dem don dey sleep with the girl o before the thing con turn belle, dem con give one nurse 11,000 make e help the girl commot the belle, na as the girl tell her mother, the mother raise alarm wey make dem arrest the nurse, but the pastor don run

Mazi: Chai chai, this wan no follow o, no matter how dem run reach, Police go catch dem, we go see later now

Egbon: Yes o, take care

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