Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (23): And The Virus Continues

Na wa o, Mazi, see me see iron handle

Egbon, Wetin happen?

Dem don dey arrest people over this corona virus o. the news just dey make me laugh. Five people just siddon decide say dem wan lie say dem get corona virus

Enh, that wan na dem do themself; dem no know say corona virus na disease abi wetin?

I know? Dem arrest dem o

E good as dem arrest dem because that virus no something wey dem go take joke; na so people joke that time with ebola virus and people wey no even get the virus die because of panic

Na true you talk. I even read say Hypo been go wan market for agege lagos go teach people on the things to do make the virus no catch you

Yes, na the way to do things be that. Because as we siddon here dey talk so; e get plenty people wey no know anything about this virus and dem fit go choke hand inside without knowing

My brother may that never happen to us or any of our family members o

Amin! Egbon enh, if other big big companies like this hypo go commot and teach people about this virus especially our children when dem go school; e go better

Na so, make we dey watch dey go. Ehehn, e get another thing wey I just dey hear everywhere

Wetin be that?

You no dey hear of the gas explosion wey dey happen everywhere?

I dey hear o. people need to be careful when dem dey light gas

Honestly, if the gas no wan light, turn the handle off and wait before you light matches

Exactly, when it comes to gas matter, rush rush no be am oo

At all at all, rush rush no be am because most times especially for gas explosion for house, na rush rush dey cause am. One must be careful

Yes o. anytime my pikin dey kitchen even if hunger wan kill me, I no dey rush am because if I rush am now and gas explode for en head… na me go hear am

You don talk am finish, make people no dey rush to on gas and if gas no wan on; wait fest and check well before you on your matches

See o, e be like say two police officers don die o

Wetin kill dem?

E be like say dem dey pursue another car for road and dem come get accident

Na wa o, which kind wahala be this? In the mind of trying to catch person na en dem come lose their lives

This police work no be easy work o and we no dey even give them accolade

Mazi, which kind talk be that? Their salary no be accolade? Abi na we send dem make dem enter police? Abeg jare, any work fit kill anybody sef no be only police work

Na wa for you o. I talk wan small thing now and I don buy market; wetin dey pepper your body so?

Nothing dey pepper me but everybody wey get work and dey do their work deserve accolade; no be only police people

Na wa o, no problem I no go talk police talk again. I go talk Osinbajo talk

Wetin Osinbajo do?

En dey celebrate one year anniversary for surviving that helicopter crash wey been wan kill am for Kogi state

Now now, e don reach one year? See as time dey fly o

My brother, one year don reach o and en do the thanks giving for the chapel for aso villa

Ahn, e deserve am. Dem no dey buy life for market

At all. Make I come dey go

Alright. Later

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