Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (22): The Viral Case of Corona Virus

Mazi, wetin dey happen for this world? Na end time dey come so o

Egbon, wetin happen?

Wetin happen? How you go ask me that kind question? Abi you never hear about this corona virus wey dey everywhere?

Corona virus no dey everywhere. Na onle China corona virus dey

Mazi, who tell you that one? Corona virus wey don travel from china enter Africa

But e never enter Nigeria now

E never enter but as at now e dey Ivory Coast and world health organization don talk say Nigeria dey on the list of high risk countries wey fit get am

No worry we no go get am. You never see say our government is very proactive about it

Mazi, abeg no dey call busy body and eye service proactive. Because dem close down that Panda supermarket, na that one be the proactive wey you see?

Wetin you wan make dem do. Na the wan wey dem fit do na em dem go dey do for now. As at this time government don give all airlines instructions on how to handle passengers wey dey enter the country and dem don tell dem make dem report any passenger wey dey show signs and symptoms

Make we dey watch am dey go but as for me ehn, I no go siddon wait for government to come protect me. I don buy gloves and mask for house and anywhere wey I dey go wey people der dey look wan kind; I go just wear my mask

That wan na your problem, something wey never find you na em you dey find

No even talk that one. I no dey find corona virus and make the corona virus no find me. We never finish with lassa fever and corona virus don join am

Egbon, corona virus no dey this country; how many times I go tell you? Abi you want make e enter this country?

No but one must be prepared; make I even rub my hand sanitizer before I touch this newspaper, I no know the person wey touch am before me

Take am easy o, no go drink am; abeg Gimme small

You see your life

Na just hand sanitizer I want, I no be fear fear like you

Mazi, na me be fear fear? I no blame you, na because serious sickness never threaten your life before na em make you dey talk like this

Egbon, no dey take style swear for me abeg. Wait o, e be like say dem don ban Nigeria from entering obodo Ameriaca o

Ehn, why? Na because of the corona virus

How? Corona virus wey never reach this country. Egbon, no allow me slap you o. e be like say na because of terrorism… Boko haram

Na wa o, why na we go dey pay for the things wey Boka haram dey do. Na we be Boko haram?

We no be Boko haram but Boka haram are Nigerians and dem no sure who is who for this country. I no even know why this news dey vex you. You wey never commot from the shores of this country

You wey dey talk, you done even take leg enter Benin before?

I never commot before na em make the news no dey pain me because e no concern me. That news na for people wey dey go obodo oyinbo. This country dey enough for me

Mr. Nigeria, na you biko

Yes. I dey proud to be a Nigerian

Ose. I hear you. Make I come dey go; I get meeting be two and I never prepare

Good luck oo

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