Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (21): Give Tax to Whom it is Due

Egbon, na money you dey count like this?

Mazi, na the money wey I suppose pay as tax na em I dey calculate

You be accountant? Why you dey calculate am by yourself?

My accountant dey calculate am but I dey do my own in case; you know as dem don increase VAT to seven point five percent, things go start to dey cost

The VAT money no go affect everything but you know your people for this country like to dey exaggerate

Ah Mazi, you sef don dey speak big English?

Dey there, you think say na only money I sabi make? At least now you know say no be only you sabi speak big big English

E be like say the money wey I suppose pay for tax don increase this year; na wa o, all these tax wey person dey pay. Government must to show us everything wey dem dey take our tax do o

Na em be say you go go ask Bubu that one o. for this country most of us dey pay tax because we no wan break the law and that is all. As for the thing wey government dey take our tax do… I never take this my eyes see any better thing yet

At least dem dey fight corruption

Na money dem dey take fight corruption? So you wan tell me say all the money wey all of us dey pay as tax, na only corruption dem see to use the money take do?

No be wetin I mean be that. I talk corruption matter as a way of consoling myself because me and you know say government never make any big impact for this country yet.

Better, just forget all these calculation wey you dey do and close your eyes and nose pay the tax wey you suppose pay

Lai Mohammed even talk say dem no dey fight corruption to please transparency internationals

Abeg, wetin be transparency internationals?

I know? Maybe oyinbo people wey get interest for the corruption matter for this country

Why dem go get interest for our own corruption matter? Dem don quench their own fire finish?

Abeg leave matter for Mathias. I read say Jamb dey make up to two billion naira from selling Jamb form alone… can you imagine

Omo, that na serious money o. no wonder dem no wan allow government commot jamb from the university admission process

The money wey dem dey make is too much but really; government suppose commot that Jamb. I no understand why student go write WAEC, NECO and add Jamb again.

Honestly, WAEC and NECO suppose do for anybody wey wan go university and no be say the jamb dey get recognition for obodo oyinbo

At all, schools abroad no dey recognize am but with all the money wey dem dey see ehn; I no believe say dem go commot am anytime soon

Lagos government don commot okada riders from inside Lagos town o. I no know whether na good or bad thing

Mazi, na bad thing. With all the go slow wey dey Lagos; if okada no dey for person to use move sharp sharp, na serious wahala be that o

Na wa o, the thing be say the Okada riders dey make that place over congested; e be like say na dem dey even add to the go slow wey dey

Mazi, forget the congestion; without okada riders and keke for that Lagos, people wey no get car go suffer well well

No be like that o. you don forget say all these big buses dey boku for Lagos; Lagos no be Abuja o, wey all these buses no dey

That one too dey. And those buses too get their own lane, so dem no dey too experience go slow.

Make I come dey go market

I still dey. I wan read this paper finish.

Okay, read am well so that you go gist me later.

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