Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (19): Human Trafficking is Gaining Traffic

Egbon, see me see wahala o

Ahn ahn, Mazi, wetin happen?

As you see me so, na so person for carry my daughter take do human trafficking

Ehn?! How come?

Na wan woman for my place wey don dey Dubai for years, she come back this Christmas come talk say she don get job for my Ada for Dubai. As I do my investigation, I come discover say na human trafficking business the woman dey do for that Dubai

Olorun ma je

Hmmn, my brother, Olorun will not agree o

Thank God say you do investigation; na so all parents and family members supposed do. If person promise your pikin work for abroad, you suppose investigate am check which kind job dem wan carry your pikin go do

I dey tell you. Imagine say I no come catch that woman; I for don enter one chance. She for just enter human trafficking

Na real one chance Mazi. Na so Nigerian immigration save about nine girls just recently from this human trafficking. Dem catch dem for Lagos airport

Thank God say dem catch dem come stop the journey o. Human trafficking na one of the worst things wey fit happen to person; some of them wey dem done traffick dey Gabon dey cry for Nigerian Government

Na wa o. Dem no go Nigerian embassy for Gabon to help dem?

Mazi, abeg no allow me make I laugh. Which time you hear say Nigerian Embassy for any country help person? Even the people wey go Russia go hook there, embassy no help dem. Dem send dem commot

You hear wetin Emir of Kano talk? en talk say the main cause of poverty for the north na polygamous marriage

Na true en talk. for north, you go see person wey never get money to feed himself wey get three wives and fifteen children and most of those children go dey beg for streets for money to buy food chop

I be wan blame their religion before but no be only northerners be muslim; we get Yoruba, edo and niger delta muslim and dem no dey marry and born they way wey northerners dey do am

Dey all need proper education. Maybe their chiefs and leaders go talk to dem and advice the younger men on how to marry. Tell dem not to marry amount of wives wey pass the money wey dem get

Dem go hear? You no know say the more wives you get for that their side the more prestige wey you get

This one wey you talk na another truth o. But they must do something about it. They must. I even hear say court don sentence one Kogi state former commissioner for agriculture to nineteen years in prison for embezzling nineteen million naira meant for cocoa farmers

Ahn ahn, that is good news. That is a small victory against corruption that Nigeria must celebrate.

Honestly, at least if people don dey go jail for things like this, e go start to dey reduce. And anybody wey wan thief inside government go think twice because en know say no be like old times wey you go dey sure say you go get away with am

Small small this country go become a better place

Yes o

Make I come dey go work

Ahn ahn, na by this time you dey come dey go work?

My brother, body no be fire wood; sometimes sleep better pass work

You never hear say sleep na for the weak?

Ehn, you wey be strong person; no sleep now

I no say na me talk am, I just dey ask if you don hear am

Okay, I don hear

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