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Mazi, I wan understand something. This oil wey we get for this country, na blessing abi na curse? Because every day na so so fire fire and if e no be oil tanker cause am den na oil pipeline. E don too much now

Make dem better hear because I go be the first person to report them. You hear say one professor for one agric university talk say en don find the cure to corona virus and lassa fever

Na wan woman for my place wey don dey Dubai for years, she come back this Christmas come talk say she don get job for my Ada for Dubai. As I do my investigation, I come discover say na human trafficking business the woman dey do for that Dubai

Na em I dey ask since. Say most of our Nigerian teacher no know anything; we dey harass government about our education system but the truth be say the teachers are the core of the education system

Mazi, at least you get money to withdraw. People who no get money to withdraw nkor. Common thirty thousand naira some people never see; you know see as Ogun state worker wan start their own strike because their minimum wage never enter

Honestly, na God save person. From now on before I answer phone call I go first check if any check point dey the area but I get one question ehn. Wetin concern my innocent phone call with army wey dey do en work for check point; my call no mean say dem no fit do their work