Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (18): Lassa Fever is no Respecter of Person

Egbon, this your yellow shirt dey blind my eye; wetin make you wear this colour today?

Abeg Mazi, just leave me; with this lassa fever wahala I no even know say na yellow or na green I wear

Ahn ahn, wetin dey do you?

Na my pikin wey dey Ondo right now, I been dey tell am make en commot now now now now because of this lassa fever wey dey plague people der

The thing still dey worry people for this country?

Hmmm, as we dey talk now one hundred people get lassa fever for Ondo alone and the lassa fever don even kill fifteen people. The situation dey worry Governor Akeredolu sef en come dey talk say people should be very careful

But wetin dey cause this lassa fever sef?

From what I know e be like say na rat and dirty dey cause am. Because where der is dirty, der is rat and where der is rat there is surely lassa fever

Na wa oh. Abeg make your pikin dey come home fast fast because that sickness no get cure o?

My brother lassa fever get cure but e no easy to cure am; so it is as good as no cure. The thing dey kill fast fast. I don tell am, he should be on the road by now. You don hear say nine members of the Imo state house of assembly don leave their party go APC?

Which kind lie lie politics we dey do for this country? Na so e easy to just change party? And the time wey another party win presidency all those people go still leave APC go that party

Na so e be for this country. Party na for mouth e no mean anything. Loyalty no dey Nigerian politics that is why dey cannot even be loyal to the country; that is why you no go ever see any politician wey carry en pikin go school for this country

Hmmm, na true you talk. our politicians and leaders no get loyalty for this country at all at all. But my own be say as dem dey go from one party to the other, dem dey trust dem sef at all?

Ha ha, Mazi abeg no make me laugh. We dey talk say dem no get loyalty; which one come be trust inside. You go trust person wey in four years don change party three times?

Na correct question be that. Trust no go dey at all and I know say na because of this Ihedioha judgement na en make all of them dey run go APC like that

You know na. Everybody wan dey winning party

And asides from that e be like say dem dey fear, see as the judgement take shock everyone involved. Court no give the governorship to the second or third in line, na the fourth in line dem come give because na APC person.

So everybody dey fear APC power right now

The fear of APC is the beginning of political wisdom


Even Benue don resolve their own gubernatorial wahala for court. Supreme court don talk say na Samuel Ortom win the election

Me I no even understand why person no just fit win election for this country and rest. Dem go still carry am go court

That is because nobody trusts INEC, free and fair election no dey anywhere for this country

And the judgement wey court dey give, is it also free and fair? Check it now, it is not free and fair; so make dem stop to the waste person time dey carry all election result go court, better thing dey for court to do abeg

Shey you go call Bubu tell am

Mtshw abeg go

Ator, make I come dey go work

Me sef.

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