Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (109): El Rufai Did Not Meet The Bar

Mazi, it’s a good Saturday morning

Egbon, this wan wey dey rejoice for this morning, e be like say you don chop.

Indeed, very indeed… I chop wan correct moi moi and pap now now; I say make I greet you and tell you about am. Anyway, my food chopping aside… you hear about the drama wey Nigerian bar association and El rufai dey act?

I hear something o, dem invite El rufai to go talk for their Nigerian bar association meeting and dem come tell am say make e no come again… no be that wan?

Yes but e be like say you no know the full story.

Okay, talk the full story. I dey hear

Okay so you know say wahala currently dey for kaduna

Yes I know… dem dey kill people

Okay good, and you know say El rufai never do anything about am?

How you go talk say e never do anything about am? No be El rufai talk say e dey helpless and e want make federal government come help am?

No, no be El rufai ask for federal government help na Katsina state governor talk that wan but El rufai never do anything about am and even as kaduna get strong military base; e never still even ask for military help.

Okay continue.

I stop before? So now Nigerian bar association come invite El rufai to talk and for one of their meetings and the lawyers wey dey the association come dey complain say if El rufai come for their meeting, dem no go come because the work wey e suppose do for Kaduna e never do am.

Na wa o.

Na so the people wey organize the meeting come talk say make El rufai no come talk for the meeting. But now, another wahala don start.

Wait first, wetin El rufai talk as dem disinvite am?

Wetin e go talk except say that the thing wey dem dey do no good… e talk the thing wey dem dey do na injustice or something like that. Okay now wey dem don disinvite am… the president of the Nigerian bar association come talk say e no be part of the people wey decided to disinvite El rufai

Ah ahn, if e no be part of them den who? No be the president dey decide the thing wey go happen for any organization?

My brother, if you ask me who I go ask? As e talk that wan finish no end there o… the Bauchi arm of the Nigerian bar association come start their own say if the Nigerian bar association no invite El rufai back dem go commot their acting general manager.

Na wa o

Na real wa. As dem dey talk their own, catholic priest for kaduna come talk say El rufai don abandon en people for southern kaduna. So the whole thing dey somehow… one tori after another.

El rufai don reply the catholic priests?

I no think say but we know say he drama never end so we dey wait.

Who know say lawyers fit cause this kind drama on their own.

Lawyers no be human beings? Everybody fit create any drama just give them chance and dem go do am.

Na true you talk. but the truth be say, the main priority for El rufai right now na to focus on the wahala wey dey happen for kaduna and end am instead of all these nonsense with Nigerian bar association.

Shey you go carry phone and tell am.

If you give me en number, I go phone am.

Okay o. whenever I get the number I go tell you.

No problem. make I come dey go abeg… I get plenty things to do today.

Alright o.

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