Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (305): Taliban in Nigeria

Egbon: Like play like play Taliban don take over government for Afghanistan o, i pray make naija government see better lesson learn from this thing wey happen o

Mazi: I read the tory too and e weak me no be small o, i see as plenty people dey try travel commot for the country, as their President and him cabinet self don run commot go another country sake of Taliban

Egbon: The wan wey pain me pass na one video where one woman for Afghanistan dey cry say she no sure say the people wey still dey the country dey safe as Taliban don take over government

Mazi: Hmm, na wa, but, which lesson you think say Buhari government suppose learn from this thing wey happen for Afghanistan like this

Egbon: My brother, the lesson wey dem suppose learn from this Taliban plenty o, make i just mention like two, number 1, government no suppose dey joke with the Boko Haram people, dem suppose take action on time

The Taliban in Nigeria

Mazi: Hmmmm, no be lie o, make the matter no go pass the one wey Taliban do for Afghanistan

Egbon: Abi, another lesson na say government suppose make arrangement wey go make life better for Naija people

Mazi: You talk am well, i even dey hear say e possible make Petrol become 300 per litre, you don see the tory?

Pidgin News (305): Taliban In Nigeria 2

Egbon: Na part of the thing wey i still dey talk be this, imagine say petrol increase to 300 naira, with the way wey things be for this country, no be extra suffer head be that

Mazi: E go red o, even as the petrol never reach 200 naira, life still hard for plenty people for this country (cut in…

Nigeria To Borrow 4.89 Trillion Naira

Egbon: Over hard self, for my area, 1kg of gas na 600 naira, make we no even talk about the high price of foodstuff plus other things, if dem con increase petrol price to 300 naira, no be die dem want make people die like that

Mazi: Kai, make dem no even go that side, and i no even sure say the government understand how the thing dey be for poor man body

Egbon: how dem wan take know, when e be say dem no dey take their money go market, now, dem say dem wan borrow 4.89 trillion naira, you sure say this people get better plan for Naija people

Mazi: Another loan kwa, dem don pay the wan wey dem borrow before?

High Rate of Unemployment

Egbon: For where, dem no fit pay am finish, even the next government go pay pay pay hand over to the next one, dem con go dey add debt ontop debt and you never see say Naija people don enter one chance

Mazi: Egbon, con check this tory o, e don red no be small o, unemployment na real war for this country o, see the thing wey this man do

Pidgin News (305): Taliban In Nigeria
Unemployed man in Osun.

Egbon: Hmmm, that unemployment something na another major battle wey Naija people dey fight, plenty people commot school, dem no see job do, the ones wey wan do business no see money do am, imagine

Mazi: Na the same thing push this man go print him CV ontop big banner o, con carry the thing go governor office for Osun state, him dey beg the government make dem employ am, say him wan dey responsible as husband and father

Husband Hands Over Wife To Police For Faking Pregnancy

Egbon: Ahhhh, no be small thing o, na frustration dey cause this kain thing o, thank God say frustration no push am make him go kill another person, carry do rituals, i hope say the governor go reason him matter sha

Mazi: I hope so too, con see as this man carry him wife go police station for Kenya, he talk say the woman carry fake preganant, con later go buy baby after 9 months, the man call police make dem arrest her

Egbon: E make sense like that, make the woman go serve punishment ontop the thing wey she do, wo, i wan dey go jare

Mazi: Oya now, later

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