I’m Asari (Episode 24): First Hosting Job Came With Two Slaps

I got a job… I got a job, as in a hosting job; my first hosting job. It was to host a pool party, I auditioned like two times for it and when I was called back I was absolutely amazed. Do you know how many auditions I have been to in the past few months? Uncountable.

Anyways, my job was to welcome guests and talk to them in between the DJ music set and make sure that they are having fun. The money they offered me was very small but I didn’t care; I took the job anyway because I wanted to get my hosting career started. And even though this was not a TV hosting job, it was still a hosting gig; my first hosting job

It was on a Saturday, in the pool side of a small hotel; I was told to wear a bikini but I wasn’t ready for that attention. So I decided to wear a full swim suit with a veil around my waist. My hair was done to a Tee and my makeup was light, I didn’t think that heavy make-up was appropriate for a pool party but boy was I wrong. Most of the ladies that attended wore heavy make-up; the type of make-up that could turn the pool brown if they swam.

Anyways, the party started and I introduced myself and showed them how to play the pool games; in between the DJ’s switching sets I would talk to them and come up with something to make them laugh. I was actually surprised at how funny I was or maybe they were drunk, you know it is very easy to make drunk people laugh.

Everything was going perfectly and I was proud of how I was doing so far. I mean my first hosting job and I made someone laugh so hard that she fell in the pool; thank God she could swim.

I took a break to go and eat just for the caterer to tell me that the food had finished. As I took my disappointed self back to the party area, without warning a guy walked up to me and kissed me and I slapped him. I think he was stunned at how fast I reacted and so was I; I’m not usually like that but I was glad I did that. Whatever gave him the guts to behave in such a manner?

I looked at him with ice that could melt an ice mountain and walked away; but not without noticing how handsome he was and the way a section of his grey beards punctuated his face.

I went back to stand by the DJ and continued to party as if nothing happened. After about ten minutes, he walked to me again and attempted to speak but I interrupted him

“If you want me to embarrass you again you will get the hell out of my sight” I think the hunger I felt fuelled how disrespected I felt

“A slap is enough you don’t have to be rude sunshine” he had an annoying smirk on his face and I slapped him again. I swear I wanted to slap the smirk off his face. The DJ almost stopped the music when he saw what I did “what the hell menh” he exclaimed as if I slapped him

I didn’t know what was wrong with me, my first hosting job and I was off dishing slaps… you know what I am not going to take any blame because no man has the right to kiss you or anyone without their permission.

The guy looked at me, his smirk slowly faded away “you will regret this” he retorted and walked away. I looked at the DJ and he asked “is this your first hosting job?”

“Yes” I replied and his next words stunned me

“That is the owner of this hotel, he threw this party; he hired us”

My mouth dropped, my first hosting job and I managed to fuck it all up; Gaad damn me and my sexiness.

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