I’m Asari (Episode 23): Cold Morning, Cold Cash

It was a very cold morning; you know how cold the harmattan period gets especially in the mornings. It was my first day in the office after my sick leave and I was nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous because I hadn’t been to work in a very long time, excited because I hadn’t been to work in a long time… if you know what I mean.

I showered and before six thirty in the morning I was ready for work; the Uber I ordered was in the same wave length as me because she arrived within five minutes of me making the request. Yes she was a female Uber driver and I loved it.

As we journeyed to my office, we talked like old friends. Her name was Jerry as in Geraldine, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw that it was a girl but she was a very cool girl. The way she was, made me want to become an Uber driver. She wore a leather jacket which was very fitting for the cold morning; her hair was packed in a ponytail and I noticed her boots when she stepped on the break abruptly to dodge a monkey in the middle of the road.

“Shiiit!” I held onto the seat in front of me

“Can you just imagine a monkey in the middle of the road this cold morning?” she laughed and I joined her

“Where the hell did it come from? Thank God you saw it”

“I swear” the monkey watched us for a couple of seconds before going on its way “were you scared?” she asked me as she moved the car

“Not really” I lied, for some reason I didn’t want to admit to her that I was because I could tell that she wasn’t scared at all… she was a tough cheek. The type every guy wanted to be with and every girl wanted to be like.

We talked a lot about a lot of things and I was finally able to bring myself to ask her why she was doing Uber

“I am saving up for a music studio. I have one hundred thousand left to complete the money, so I was like fuck it… I’ll drive an Uber to make the money. You are actually my first customer” she revealed

“Are you serious?” I replied and my admiration for her went from ten to a hundred. She asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I told her, including all the stories that surrounded the auditions I went for in the past month.

“You don’t want to start from radio hosting?” she asked, a question that was very valid; something I have never thought about before. I mean since I couldn’t get a job hosting anything in person or on television, doing something on radio wasn’t a bad idea.

As we talked about our life ambitions, forgetting the cold morning and the harsh feeling it left on our skin; a car hit us from the back. It happened so quickly that the force of the impact sent me to the front seat while Jerry’s face was buried in the airbag.

By the time we were calm enough to understand what was going on; a man was by the driver’s door knocking on the window. Jerry opened the door

“Are you okay?” He asked with a sense of urgency in his voice. She nodded looking at me “What about your friend?” I nodded examining myself for any sort of injury but there was none.

The man went back to his car and was back within thirty seconds “I am very sorry for bashing you, there is no damage at the back of your car but in case this should cover it” he dropped two bundles of cash in Jerry’s lap and disappeared.

Jerry and I looked at each other with confusion because we were still trying to absorb what was going on

“I am currently a banker and that money he dropped on your lap is 500K” I informed her and without saying a word, she put a bundle on my lap.

What a morning, it started up cold but 250k warmed it up real quick. “I knew you were going to bring me luck this morning” she said as she stopped the car in front of my office. “We did each other good” I replied as I got out of the car not after promising to visit her studio when it was done.

The experience was surreal and it still feels as if it didn’t happen but it did; I just took it as a sign that good things will happen for me in this coming New Year.

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