Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (172): Akin Alabi Enter Wahala Ontop Healthcare Centre

Akin Alabi Enter Wahala Ontop Healthcare Centre

Mazi: That argument wey happen between Reno Omokri and Garba Shehu naa serious something o, but wetting start the argument self?

Egbon: Hmm, naa very serious one o, naa the thing wey Garba Shehu talk start the argument

Mazi: Naa wetting Shehu talk ?

Egbon: Him talk say, Bubu government try ontop security matter for this country, naa em con make Reno challenge am say him go give am $20,000 if him fit go spend one night for Kware or Koshobe town

Mazi: But, for me o, I no think say the matter suppose cause argument now, shebi naa try him talk say Bubu government try, no be say him carry 100% pass mark give am

Egbon: Even the try self, him government no try, you no see the different bad bad tory wey we dey check together for inside Newspaper almost everyday for this Newspaper stand, how him take try

Mazi: No be say I dey give am 100% passmark but at least, we see as him dey talk say him government no go sidden look ontop security matter for this country

Egbon: No be to talk be the thing, anybody fit talk, naa Action Naija people wan see, as for me o, Bubu government no try Kansan

Mazi: Nawa o, small commendation like this no dey inside your mouth, na so so condemn you dey do

Egbon: Mazi, no dey commot eye where you suppose talk matter as he be, see the way dem dey kidnap people for this Abuja-Lokoja road, naa yesterday I read am for News say Kidnappers kill wan Corper wey dem wan Kidnap for that road

Mazi: Hmmm, no be say I no understand your point o, but, the thing wey I dey talk naa say, with time, the Security matter go stand well

Egbon: E go improve when kidnappers don Pai almost everybody finish abi, you no see say Garba Shehu self no fit do wetting Reno talk say make him do

Akin Alabi Enter Wahala Ontop Healthcare Centre

Mazi: My advise naa say make Naija people self dey Security conscious, I even hear say DSS talk say some people wan throw bomb for this Christmas

Egbon: I no talk say make people no dey Security conscious, but make government too no siddon look the matter as e be like this, anyways, make we commot mouth for that matter

Akin Alabi Enter Wahala Ontop Healthcare Centre
The Healthcare Centre built by Akin Alabi.

Mazi: Yes o, sake of say we no fit finish matter wey concern security, because I still dey wonder say naa wetting Governors dey take Security Vote wey dem dey collect do self, but we go talk that one another time

Egbon: Naa both the federal plus state government get question wey dem suppose answer, I even see something online o

Mazi: Naa wetting you see again o, shey no be End SARS matter o

Egbon: No be that one jare, naa one Lawmaker for Ibadan, Akin Alabi, con see as people dey drag him ontop Twitter

Mazi: No be that man wey get betting Company?

Egbon: Yes naa him, him post one picture, talk say naa the Primary Healthcare Centre wey him build for him Constituency

Mazi: And that one naa better something o, why people con dey drag am?

Egbon: Dem say the building resemble Kiosk, say e no look like Primary Healthcare centre, con talk say naa from Abuja him carry Contractor go build the thing o

Mazi: These Naija politicians self, and naa young Lawmaker him be like that o

No Cross-Over Service In Ondo, Ogun

Egbon: Abi now, imagine the thing wey some of these young young Politicians dey do

Mazi: Naa God go help us o, shey you don hear say dem no go do Cross-Over service for Ondo plus Ogun State?

Egbon: I never see the tory o, why dem no go allow people do Cross-Over service

Mazi: Dem say naa one of the way to make sure say COVID-19 no spread for the two states

Egbon: That one no be bad idea now, I even hear say PTF talk say naa free dem go give Naija people the COVID-19 vaccine

Mazi: Ehn ehn, shey the vaccine don dey Naija ni

Egbon: E never dey naija, dem just talk say if the vaccine land for the country, say naa free dem go give am

Mazi: E go make sense like that, but till then sha, naa Operation Show your Face Mask, we go talk later, I wan dey go

Egbon: As for me o, until dem do the vaccine free, I no go believe them, take care

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