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A Nigerian scammer will be spending over seven years in the United States, US prison for participating in some fraudulent activities that realised about two million dollars.

His country has highest number of imams and pastors as marriage counsellors yet has the highest incidence of divorce.

African players in Europe return to help their country prepare for the African Cup of Nations which is going to play in the year 2021 in Cameroon. Footballers all over Europe are on an international break and as the Europeans prepare for the Euro 2020 also Africans are preparing for AFCON 2021.

As much as Nollywood has greatly improved, don’t you sometimes just think about some of your faves from the past and wish they were still here? Or even while watching a movie, get slightly annoyed because you know a certain actor who would have totally brought more life to the character if they were alive?

Are Nigerians Homophobic? Of course, we are. On a collective level, that is. But when you ask someone, you get…

If you need to have 5 Nigerian books in your shelf, then I suggest you read these 5 books written by foremost Nigerian authors.

Delta State which is nicknamed is a place to visit. As the nickname implies, it is truly the nation’s big heart as it is one of the largest petroleum products in Nigeria.

The Nigeria movie industry need talented FX artiste in order to sell what they want us to buy, because the audience will appreciate the material better if it is realistic enough.