Woli Agba Finally Talks About Padding Insinuations

Woli Agba

Nigerian celebrity comedian, Ayo Ajewole, popularly known as Woli Agba, has finally replied those insinuating that he had his buttocks padded, adding that his son prefers his skits to cartoon.

Woli Agba is conceivably one of the famous ‘gospel’ comedians in the entertainment world and well known for his signature dance, stated that his ability to whine his waist during his skits is undemanding.

In an interview with newsmen, Woli Agba revealed that most times, he walked like journalists and was always eager to source for information.

He added that whenever an idea flashes through his mind, he was always prepared to combine materials that would turn out to be skits. He further stated that his two-year-old son would cry over someone’s phone and click his videos to watch them.

Meanwhile, he stated that he does not pad his buttocks and that they are simply natural, revealing that he has also added weight, owing to the lockdown.

He mentioned that his wife teased him that his buttocks were growing bigger. Woli Agba said that his ability to dance well could be one of the tools that God gave him.

Further stating that his dance style is his signature, which he finds very easy and convenient to do, and that he does not force it at all.

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