Actress Amanda Ebeye Gives Free Advice to Pastors

Nigerian Actress and Part-time model Amanda Ebeye has openly advised pastors to be accountable to their church members, especially those that pay tithes and offering.

The actress told pastors to inform their members when they buy luxury possessions like cars, amongst others, or better still, whatever possession they purchase should be co-owned by the pastors and the members.

She said, as long as it’s her pastor and she pays her tithe and offering, the pastor is accountable to her.

She wrote: “Don’t tell me the money is for God, God does not come down to spend the money. You buy a Ferrari, you tell me why or it’s for both of us.” 

The actress also added that if any pastor should buy a private jet, he should tell her why or if it’s for both of them. 

Amanda Ebeye also advised that Pastors shouldn’t use God to deceive people as they were sent to provide service to people, not enrich their pockets.

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