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I'm a young writer obsessed with cats, music, art and writing.

Come rain, come snow, the fire keeps burning. For over 4,000 years it has never stopped burning. Across a 10-meter stretch of hillside, tall flames dance restlessly make a hot day even hotter.

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An introvert is someone who enjoys the comfort of staying indoors. Introverts are considered to be dull, boring or even unexciting. Most people think that introverts are all that, and more that are synonymous. As much as the outside world think that about introverts, they are honestly so comfortable they don’t care. Let’s be serious, extroverts are loud and noisy. They love all this and it’s hard for the majority of them to accept the fact that introverts are their complete opposite. I love the comfort of my home, my bed, the comfort of the indoors. And the irony of…

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