‘Education is a scam’ is one of the trending issues of this age. There has been many views on this topic with some claiming education is really a scam. Social media is such a powerful tool and in Nigeria of today, ‘scam’ is the word used frequently on it.  With the hash tags, they say Nigeria is a scam, marriage is a scam and the new scam is education. It is safe to say the next hash tag would be probably ‘Human is a scam’.

Education is a process of training and instruction, which takes place mostly in schools, colleges, etc, which is designed to give knowledge and develop skills. It is also a process of training the mind. Education is just as good as it is, if you don’t accept that, try ignorance.

No matter the height a man has attained in life, education must have played a bigger role.  It may not necessarily be within the four walls of a school like the case of Japanese famous car manufacturer Soichiro Honda. He was an apprentice trained (educated) in a workshop to become great. Nigerians stand on this topic is that ‘University education is a scam’ and there are good reasons for this.

Why Education Is Considered To Be A Scam 1

The main reason education is said to be a scam is the rate of unemployment. Parents have to sacrifice a lot to train their children up to university level.  Years after graduation, there is nothing to show forth as 90% of the graduates still rely on their parents or the government who has other plans of enriching themselves.

The years spent in school if equally spent in a workshop like Honda would have been more productive, people suggest. Truly, most Nigerian university graduates are unemployable due to the methodology of teaching in schools, failed system and lack of self-development by the graduates. Education is therefore considered because of this reason.

Another reason education is considered to be a scam is that there are short corners of making money which is really not a success. Youths have found a way of getting money quick. ICT has really changed the world and one of its bad sides is the rate of cybercrimes by Nigerians; a worse scam which is not trending like education.

Ritual is on the rise and Nigerian ladies have been the victims of this evil act. There are guys on the street living ‘big lives’, they have one way or the other oppressed their folks, so therefore the cry ‘Education is a scam’. People in our society has used making money (legitimate or illegitimate) has a yardstick for success which is really wrong.

No matter the reason you might have brought up to consider education as a scam, I must say you are wrong. You must have been educated one way or the other to have achieved whatever you have. Learning outside the school walls is also education.

From the Nigerian varsity point of view, the whole system is to be blamed. When the people are rightly trained in an environment backed for productivity, there would be a better society. Education is never a scam; it is a major tool for unlocking human limitless treasures and abilities.

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