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There are some strategies on how to be consistent. I have heard many motivational speakers and whatnots say, “consistency is key”, the key to success, I guess. They don’t tell us how hard it is to be consistent. How hard it is to keep on doing that one thing amidst the trails you might face. Setting and achieving goals is the first and most crucial step on the journey to be consistent.

Many of us deal with bullies daily, and I am sure if I ask some of us to mention them off the top of their heads, they would be able to mention a couple of people. Some of us barely know who a bully is; that’s why we still entertain certain people in our lives. A bully is someone who makes you feel like dirt, someone who makes you feel less than you are.

Take your Google account for instance, it has a lot of information about you; your photos, contacts, emails, conversations, internet history etc

It’s a trend for everyone to own a website for a purpose; business, school, personal, and others. Well, if you are feeling lost on where to start and you’re looking for something at a cheaper cost

There are many things we see being done with Adobe Photoshop apps. Then we sit and say “If he can do that so, can i”. However, don’t be fooled. It’s honestly no that easy.