How To Prevent Malware From Infecting Your Computer (Part 2)

Taking up from where we left off; preventing malware from infecting your computer.

#4. Always Update Your Operatng System

Whether you are running on a Windows, Mac Os X, Linux or any other kind of OS, keep it updated. Developers are always issuing security patches that fix and plug security leaks.

These updated patches will help keep your system secure. Similarly, keep your anti-virus software up to date. Viruses and malware are constantly being created. Your scanning software is only as good as its database. So make sure it is up to date.

#5. Think Before You Click

It’s quite easy for you to click on any link. Avoid websites that may provide pirated material. Do open links that are unsolicited or from companies, you don’t know. Always hover over a link (especially ones with shorter URLs) to see where it will be taking you to.

Good anti-virus software will scan downloaded files automatically before they are downloaded. Although, you do not have that type, manually scan the files before you open the file.

#6 Do Not Use Open Wi-Fi

I know this is like blasphemy. Who doesn’t want free Wi-Fi? But take a moment to see why.

If you a non-professional no background in hacking can access it easily. Imagine how a professional can do. If you are on an open network it is likely that malicious individuals can do worse with your information that’s connected.

#7 Back Up All Your Files

All software has the ability to back up your pieces of information. there’s Google backup, Apple Cloud Storage, even your WhatsApp has a chat back up.

Backing up all your files (data) keeps them safe and secure just in case of anything that may occur. Keep your files on your computer, then on an external hard drive. Save all these backups in several locations. Update your backups from time to time.

#8 Use Strong Password

I know there are a lot of people who hate passwords. Never use the same password on multiple accounts, especially your bank account. If you use the same password for everything, or even on many things, and its discovered; the hacker is only seconds away from accessing all your information and bank included.

A strong password includes upper case, numbers, and symbols. Keep it easy to remember but hard to guess. Also, do not use pet names or dates

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