How To Be Consistent

There are some strategies on how to be consistent. I have heard many motivational speakers and whatnots say, “consistency is key”, the key to success, I guess. They don’t tell us how hard it is to be consistent. How hard it is to keep on doing that one thing amidst the trails you might face. Setting and achieving goals is the first and most crucial step on the journey to be consistent.

While growing up, I picked up many things I was interested in: writing, designing, baking, drawing, the list goes on, but I never stuck with anyone. I don’t know how it happened. Being inconsistent keeps you from reaching your full potentials; who knows? I could have been a designer, baker or even an artist.

I know many people have this problem, so I decided to share with you the keys to being consistent. The only thing I seem to be consistent at is sharing memes, being inconsistent and maybe writing. We are inconsistent because we tend to dwell more on the positive feelings of the outcome than we do with the struggle of the journey. Most of us quit during the battle before we could experience the rewards of staying on course.

Consistency Is Key
Consistency Is Key

Strategies On How To Be Consistent

Live In The Present

This means being fully engaged in the task at hand and avoiding anything that would waste mental, spiritual, and emotional energy. Like worrying about past or future things, none of which we can control.
Being a writer means I have to wake up at odd hours to minimize my distractions. Most of all, it means quieting my mind because I am my worse critic.

I have decided that instead of making these thoughts stop me, I’d quietly acknowledge them and move on.

Expect The Worst.

Most of us get involved in stuff thinking it’s all rosy; the funny thing is we believe this even after our past experiences. There is always going to be trials along the way, but we shouldn’t let that discourage us.Don’t let self-doubt get to you
At some point, we have self-doubt, I sometimes think my writing isn’t good enough, and sometimes it gets to me. Don’t let that monster called self-doubt win, and self-doubt is birthed as a result of fear. One thing you should know is fear kills dreams.

Feeling Uninspired? Do It Anyway!

I have been feeling uninspired lately. I think of topics, but I can’t get myself to write anything. I pick up a pen, and I only get as far as writing down the subject; I have decided to write what pops up in my head whenever it pops in my head. I would do things that would make me creative; take a walk, listen to music, meditate, exercise.

Get An Accountability Partner

Talk to a friend or family member about your goals; this way, when these people see you derailing from the original plan, they would help put you back in line. Preferably a trustworthy person.

Developing A Routine

Some of you find routine tedious, but trust me, the secret of your future is hidden behind your daily routine. Get that one thing you love to do and make it a practice.

Being inconsistent is normal, don’t beat yourself up whenever you don’t stay on course. Remember to always live in the present; I hear it’s a beautiful place. There is a quote I once heard, and it hit me good; “Depression is dwelling on the past, while anxiety is the fear of the future, enjoy the present” (that wasn’t how it was said, I interpreted it). To be consistent, we have to find joy in the process before the actual goal is attained.

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