Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (99): A Nigerian Student Becomes An International Beggar

Mazi good morning o

Egbon, there is nothing good about the morning… my cousin pikin wey be student for obodo oyinbo dey suffer seriously

Ah ahn, wetin happen? Why she no come back the time wey government dey commot people?

Commot come where? Wey school still dey in session? Wetin she go come this country come do… e be like say you no hear say she be student

Ooooh. True I no hear the part wey you talk say she be student.

She dey for NDDC scholarship program and NDDC never give am the money wey dem suppose give am to survive

Na wa o and Abike Dabiri talk am o. she talk say Nigerian students wey dey abroad don turn to beggars because NDDC never give them their allowance

Nna enh, shi shi my cousin pikin never see; na the small money wey papa dey manage send, na em e dey manage. And if she commot come back dem fit collect en student visa from am. You know how this oyinbo people dey do

But Mazi you fit send am money now

Who tell you say I never send am money? I don send am before now and my cousin don come again for another help… na em make the matter dey pain me like this because I understand the problem but I need money as well

I get you. Student life no easy for oyinbo land o; this NDDC people dey heartless…

I swear

But the country wey your cousin pikin dey, students no dey work?

Dem fit work… e be like because my cousin talk something like en pikin still dey find work and the work wey e be dey work before don sack

Ayah, na corona cause am… as corona reach; na students first lose their job before other people

This wan wey Abike Dabiri don dey talk the case against NDDC to pay student allowance, maybe shame go catch dem and dem go pay very soon

I pray so o because life no fit continue like this o; if dey thing no gree work… school no be by force and e go come back to Nigeria once and for all

No talk like that be hopeful

Which hopeful, when money dey involved… you get two thousand pounds to give me? If you get two thousand pounds to give me now now… I go dey hopeful

Aaaaah Mazi, you dey find the person wey you go kill this morning?

You be you dey talk say make I dey hopeful?

Enh, be hopeful say NDDC go quick pay student allowance now… no worry god go do am.

Ehehn, you don hear say the people wey Akpabio name say dem receive NDDC contracts don dey deny am and some dey even threaten to carry am go court

Na so I hear o. me sef I no even know the thing wey be true or lie again

I dey tell you. Wetin be the problem, make Akpabio release the names now… since en be strong man

E be like say en own strong man no reach like that again o because to call common name don turn to hard thing

And any name e call now fit implicate am

Serious implication… who wan go jail?

Dem no wan go jail but at the end of this thing eh, at least one person must to go jail

You hear say Appeal Court don jail Airforce chief?

I no hear that wan o…. ahn ahn

Na for jail that wan go spend en sallah

E good. One by one dem go enter jail… no matter how long e go take


Make I go find where I go find money give my cousin.

You don try, no worry money go come.

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