Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (98): Asari Dokubo Put A Foot In His Mouth

Egbon, good morning o… this wan wey your voice dey like this, you still dey sleep?

Mazi, me wey I wake since six o’clock; abi you no know say I dey wake up for six every morning to pray?

I no know say you be prayer warrior o. You hear the nonsense wey Asari Dokubo talk?

I no hear o. wetin e talk?

E talk say, the eighty-one billion naira wey dem steal for NDDC na small money compared to the money wey dem don steal for other regions of Nigeria

Which kind yeye talk be that? So if other regions dey still money, e mean say the money wey dem steal for NDDC dey justified… e be like say Asari Dokubo dey among dey people wey chop from the money

Before. You know the person wey we dey talk so? Na Asari Dokubo o, if I hear say e no chop from the money enh

Asari Dokubo… no worry e chop from the money but e be like say en own chopping no be serious chopping

Why you talk so?

Aaah because Godswill Akpabio don release the names of the national assembly members wey get NDDC contracts now and Asari Dokubo name no dey inside

First of all, Asari Dokubo no be national assembly member now and secondly, you think say na everybody name Akpabio go release? Na wa for you o. en go just first release the names of the people wey no go give am consequence

Na true be that, en go release the names of the people wey no get power to give am the consequence of releasing their names… from the list sef, I no even recognize one name for that list.

So that is to show you that the people wey e release their names na people wey no fit revenge for am

Exactly. But this NDDC don steal money o… kai! I even feel say the money pass this eighty one billion naira wey dem dey call anyhow.

E pass… no worry the money pass eighty one billion naira… very soon dem go release the true amount

And as dem dey release the true amount, the names of more national assembly members wey dem give contracts go fall out

Indeed, e go fall out well well. 

Dogara don release the reason why en commot from PDP

Wetin e talk?

E talk say en commot from PDP because of the failure of the Bala Mohammed…

Who be Bala Mohammed?

Bauchi state governor now


En talk say e commot from PDP because of the failure of the Bauchi state governor to develop Bauchi state ever since e enter power.

How that wan take concern am and en wish to leave PDP

E talk say e affect am because na em bring Bala Mohammed to power and en come fail am

Mtshw, abeg if e no get another thing to talk… make e talk another thing. Wetin concern bird with tooth brush

My brother if you ask me who I go ask. That en reason no follow at all. E for just talk say e no wan do PDP again and we for understand. Which wan be because of power failure in Bauchi state. Na only Bauchi state get power failure? Kogi state nkor

My brother, you don bring wan good example o. Kogi state wey their governor just dey do them anyhow, why politicians no commot from APC go PDP because of the failure of Yahaya Bello to develop Kogi state.

Abeg leave that wan. Na the thing wey Dogara wan talk na em e talk. we are waiting. You go see now; something go happen and e go port go back to PDP

Na so.

I dey tell you. Make I come dey go abeg.

Okay. Later now.

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