Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (97): From PDP Go APC

Egbon, good morning o… how far now? Make we do video call, e don tey since I see your face

Mazi, make I on my video call… anh anh. Na your face be this? See as you fat.

I swear but I no fat pass you… see as your cheeks swell like bolonbolo. Make we leave this fat issue; you don hear say Yakubu Dogara don deflect from PDP go APC?

Na now e dey deflect? Wen everybody for PDP don deflect since, I think e don deflect from PDP go APC since now.

Nna enh, na now e get the memo to move. So now wey everybody don commot from PDP go APC because na them be the winning party; by the time PDP win election again and dem put person for presidential seat, dem go deflect again?

Jamb question. If I tell you say politicians no go deflect up and down you go believe me? One of the work of politicians na to dey join join the most powerful party; the wan wey go favour them.

The thing just dey too funny, person join PDP e win election, later on e commot from PDP go APC to contest for the same position wey en win while e dey PDP in the first place. E no make sense

E no make sense but e dey happen. You dey complain about the politicians wey dey commot from PDP go APC. What about the wan wey go commot jail straight to the house of assembly

Hmmm, that wan na a different story

Yes, na different story but e worse pass the ones wey dey commot PDP go APC.

You know enh, with all these deflecting news of politicians wey dey leave PDP go APC and vice versa; e be like say PDP and APC na the only political parties wey dey this country

Make we no even start that wan, you know how many political parties dey this country? E reach hundred

Wetin be hundred? Two hundred sef. Nna enh, na em make say I no dey like to dey watch wen dem dey call results for presidential election; e dey tire me

No be only you, dem go call call… and dem know say na only two parties we get interest in

But since dem know say na only APC and PDP result we wan hear for election, why dem no dey call only those two and forget the rest?

No now, dem no fit do am o because no be for all the states wey only those two parties get ground; some other small small parties dey dey big for some states and besides if dem no call all the results for all the parties for election, e go be like say na corruption

Mtshw, something wey we know say corruption already dey inside… e no mean…

You go go tell INEC chairman now; so that the next time wey dem dey do presidential election and dem wan call results, dem go call results for only PDP and APC

Abeg no patronize me

How I take patronize you… no be discussion we dey have? Make I even change the topic before you vex. You hear say dem don end NDDC?

I hear am o but I also hear today say na lie.

Ehen? But dem suppose close that committee since dem no achieve anything, na so so money dem dey there dey chop. Abeg sef, wetin be the full meaning of NDDC?

Niger Delta Development Commission

Niger Delta Development Commission. Dem develop anything for the Niger delta?

Develop wetin? The only thing wey that commission develop na their pocket

Gbam! Ezally so make dem just close am so that we go hear word.

Make we dey watch as dem go do am now.


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