Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (96): The Award Goes To The NDDC MD

Egbon, good morning o… Anh anh, this wan wey you just dey laugh inside phone. Wetin dey sweet you like this?

Aaaah, Mazi, na this NDDC MD video still dey make me laugh o; I don watch the think tire

I watch am live, I see as everything dey go down from the beginning; no be small drama o

My brother, e be like say Nollywood go give this NDDC MD award for best actor; see acting

Correct acting o. you see the man wey wan tear en mouth.

Abeg, help me explain the thing wey that man dey do? Na mouth to mouth e wan do for NDDC MD or na wetin? Abi dem don dey do mouth to mouth with mask for face?

Na that wan you dey ask. You no ask am wetin e dey do for this corona period? e no even think am sef; see as e fly go meet the NDDC MD come dey chuck hand for en mouth.

The thing dey too funny abeg and as e faint for the second time…

Abegi, that thing wey that NDDC MD do no be fainting

Tor, if e no be fainting… den wetin e be?

I know? E be like say e be wan convulse and the convulsion no come enter

Anyway as e convulse the second time wey dem wake am, come carry am commot… you know say na en leg e take waka commot

Yes now. Na en full leg e take waka commot… dem no carry am o and that na person wey suppose to dey convulse

But you know another thing wey I be dey think?


See enh, the seat wey this NDDC MD dey on na hot seat and the truth be say enh… en fit dey faint true true o

Nna enh, leave that thing e no be true anything

Wait fes now. At least e get small chance say e dey sick but because of the style our past politicians don give us… we no go fit believe am again or any other person wey dey sick for that matter

Gbam! So whether na true or na lie… as far as I am concerned, na lie. Because of this drama wey NDDC MD do now; e don escape the probing panel

How e take escape am? Dem go call am back wen e well now

Call wetin. You never hear say e no go face the probing panel again


E no go face anything  again… na another person dem go go question now; so you go tell me how e never escape am

Omo, en don escape am wella. Na wa o. you hear say another person for Bubu cabal don die?

I hear am o. I even think say na corona virus kill am but dem come talk say na heart attack

Yes na heart attack. The thing wey dey worry me na the way wey some people dey rejoice about that man death. I no come understand Nigerians again

Hmmm, dem feel say if more people for Bubu cabal die then maybe Bubu go make better decisions

Una don forget say Bubu go replace this en guy wey die now with another person wey go continue from where that wan stop. So all these talk wey dem dey talk say na god kill am na nonsense.

That wan no be my concern sef, who wan die go die… dem no dey talk say Bubu go die since? E don die? No. so just leave people and their thinking.

Who get their time? Abeg make I go do something with my life this morning

I dey with you.

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