Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (95): Big Brother Brings Big Problems

Mazi, good morning o

Egbon, how far now? How this week go take be now?

Hmmm, wahala dey o. This wan wey Big Brother don come again; I no go fit watch anything for this house

Nne enh, common to watch network news yester night na big problem between me and my wife, she talk say na big brother she wan watch and as I no want quarrel now… I come give am remote

My brother, even me sef. My wife and pikin just dey watch big brother last night… dem no allow me watch another thing. E be like say I go buy another decoder

Because of big brother… mba mba mba, which kind thing be that; no be say if you watch the big brother from morning till night dem go dash you money then because of am, I go come buy another decoder with another subscription because market don finish?

Mazi, na the easiest way be that. If you no wan quarrel with your wife every day because of this big brother; you go buy another decoder

Egbon, no worry, I get antenna for house… by the time I nack the tv for my room antenna… NTA and AIT go show well well; you no need new decoder for that wan

Okay o. by the time NTA and AIT tire you enh, you go either join dem to dey watch big brother or you go get another decoder

E be like DSTV send you this morning come my side; go tell dem say you no see me o

You dey talk like say the last time wey dem do big brother, you no complain for the entire three months wey dem do am

Toh, thank god say na complain you talk… no be say sickness catch me because of big brother and besides complain dey free. Dem never debit my account for bank just because I complain

Okay o. e easy to talk now

No be talking anything, I like the place wey my money dey right now.. which  na for my bank account; I no go carry am buy any yeye decoder just because of big brother. So if you buy the decoder now and big brother finish, wetin you go come take the decoder do?

Na wa for you o. big brother dey ever finish? Abi you no know say big brother dey like NYSC? After one batch finish, another batch go enter

E no mean, e no mean say I go carry money go buy another decoder

You dey talk as if decoder na two million naira

I no care if na two naira dem dey sell am, I no dey buy

No problem o. I don hear. You hear wetin peter obi talk? say the thing wey dey happen to Magu right now affect the country pass Magu himself

Na true en talk. no be lie. You the thing wey other countries go dey talk about this country? Imagine am now. The head of our corruption agency enter corruption scandal… scandal wey we know say e no dey innocent

Na true, if head of our corruption dey involved in corruption, who can be saved in this country?

My brother, who can be saved? Even the person wey replace am get ninety percent chance of being corrupt

Honestly, so the thing wey peter obi talk na true and Magu must pay for that; at least if e no pay for the corruption, make en pay for the way wey e spoil the reputation of this country

Our reputation wey don spoil since nineteen ogogoro

Ennnh, even though e don already spoil. Magu don even spoil am further

My brother, you how your country leaders dey. Magu fit waka and nothing go do am; so na to just dey watch dey go

That wan na another thing wey you talk o

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