Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (89): Politicians Evacuate Hushpuppi From Their Memory

Egbon, good morning o

Mazi, you don come back from east?

No o I never come back, na next week I go come back. This wan wey na the first thing wey you dey ask me this morning, you wan come evacuate me from this sides?

I no go come myself, na government I go send make dem come evacuate you dey way wey dem dey evacuate people from different country; you go tell me the thing wey dey that east wey you no fit siddon for Abuja

Nna enh, e get somethings wey you no understand

I no even wan understand am, just do commot from that east before corona go  find you.

Cool your temper, corona dey fear face, en no go find me and even if e see me… e go look another side.

Ha ha… abeg I no wan laugh. Ehen, speaking of evacuation. This thing wey government dey go evacuate Nigerians from different countries, dem dey pay for am?

Who dey pay?

The Nigerians wey dem dey evacuate now, dem dey pay government?

I no think so because I remember say government get budget for this evacuation business and I happy say dem dey do am because e no easy to dey stuck for another man country

My brother, e no easy at all o. dem don evacuate from Fubai, US and Qatar… na other countries remain but I no think say dem go fit go all the countries for this world go evacuate people

E depends, if the people wey dey wan country reach a certain number, dem go go evacuate them but let’s na only one Nigerian dey that country… I no think say dem go go evacuate am

But e no suppose be like that o. na Nigerian still dey important like two hundred and four Nigerians

Na you dey pay for am? Make we dey watch dey see how things go go.

Indeed. Hmmm, Mazi… the way wey politicians just dey distance demselve from this Hushpuppi enh, the thing surprise me

How e dey surprise you? If na you, you go still join body with am?

No be say I go join  body with am but at least ahn ahn… you no see the way wey dem just dey deny am as if dem no no know am? And na person wey dem dey chop food with am on the same table before dem carry am go prison o.

Na so life dey, how tony one week sing am again… “when money come your way, everybody come your way but when trouble come your way everybody go their way”

Hmmm, my brother na true be that o. na so life be o. Dino Melaye, Atiku Abubakar, even Saraki dey talk say dem no dey close to hushpuppi… say dem meet am here or there in passing, meanwhile we know the truth

If dem gree say dem know am well, dem go put their selves inside trouble now; see enh, this case no be EFCC case wey person fit bribe enself commot o. na Dubai and US… when those kind countries catch person, e no matter who you be, your own don enter be that.

Na truth, because if dem no deny am now… US fit come this country come find them

Exactly and if US come find dem, e no get any amount of money wey go save them at all at all

Hmmm, whenever I see picture of hushpuppy and all the money wey en dey spend, e dey do me make I go ask am whether the life wey en live dey worth it; whether everything wey e do for en life dey worth because the rich life wey e do all the crime to live no last at all

That kind thing no dey last my brother, e no dey last

May our own hard earn wealth last o


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