Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (79): The Inspector General Of Police Will Inspect This

Egbon… good morning o

Mazi… seven don reach? Wetin happen wey you dey call me dis early mur mur?

Nna enh, wahala don dey for the inspector general of police o

Anh anh, wetin happen? Inspector general of police don die?

Na death go make me to dey call you dis early morning?

Tor, wetin happen wey pass death

No be death but inspector general of police don enter pepper soup o.

Mazi, if you no wan talk wetin happen den make you just commot for phone abeg.

Na wa o, dem no fit do suspense for you again? No change am for me abeg

Which kind yeye suspense. Abeg talk jare.

Okay, make I tell you the tori. So e get wan of bubu personal assistant wey travel go lagos enh; as en come back to Aso Villa, Aisha bubu aides come tell am say en no fit enter the villa because…

Wetin concern inspector general of police for this matter now?

Allow me to die first before you bury me now. See me see wahala o. you wan hear this tori or not?

Wan hear am. Okay continue.

So Aisha bubu aides come tell bubu personal assistant say en no fit enter aso villa until en go another place go isolate enself because the lagos wey en dey come from na breeding ground for corona. The bubu assistant come talk say en no fit go anywhere else go isolate enself but aisha bubu aides talk say en no go enter aso villa until e go somewhere else go isolate enself for 14 days. You know wetin bubu personal assistant do next?

This your tori don long… wetin en do next?

En tell police to arrest aisha bubu aides and police carry all of dem go jail.

Na lie!

Wait now, I never finish. Now as dem don arrest aisha bubu aides, aisha bubu come go twitter to tell inspector general of police to release her aides and the way wey she put the tori for twitter go implicate the Nigerian police and inspector general of police. NCDC go come talk say police no dey honour the laid down corona virus laws wey dey in place

Because no matter who you be, you suppose isolate yourself if you travel come back.


Na wa o. this country; even the institution of authority dey divided. Inspector general of police don reply aisha bubu?

I no think o. but everybody for the country dey wait en reply and if en no play en cards right for this wan enh; en fit enter trouble from here, you know as things dey for this country. One moment you dey in, another moment dem don commot you

Only in Nigeria.

My brother, only in Nigeria.

As you talk say inspector general of police no die, I think say the next thing go be say en don catch coronavirus because I see news before I sleep last night say 22 doctors and 60 other health workers don catch corona virus for rivers state.

Nna enh, this no be good news at all.

My brother, if all the doctors die; who go treat us?

And that yeye governor dey talk say e dey irresponsible for health workers to demand increase in pay when their work fit kill them at anytime

At any time o. no be lie. My own be say, as all these health workers don sick with dey virus now; who go treat them?

Jamb question. Na other health workers go treat them now. Abi na you and me go go rivers state go treat them?

I just dey ask because, if other health workers go treat dem and catch the disease nkor; wetin next?

Another set of health workers go go treat them. Na like that e go continue until health workers finish dem e go be every man for enself.

Hmmm. Na wa o. god go help us

Indeed. Very much indeed.

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