Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (76): Orji Uzor Kalu Is Not The Man For The People

Egbon good morning o

Ah Mazi good morning, you don see say them don release Orji Uzor Kalu from kirikiri prison?

I know now, no be me and you discuss am that day. But wait first na kirikiri prison dem put orji uzor kalu? Na wa o I no know o

Aaah, na kirikiri prison o. even me sef when I hear am, I shock. I think say na that EFCC prison wey get AC dem carry am go.

That EFCC prison na prison? Prison wey dem dey give them hot tea to drink for morning.

So na like this orji uzor kalu go go scot free?

This question wey you dey ask now, na jamb question o. en don already go scot-free, you siddon dey ask question. E be like say you never even hear say senate president lawan and other senators go visit am for house.

Why dem go go visit orji uzor kalu if e no be to show solidarity and to tell am say make e no mind the Nigerian people wey dey protest against en position as senator

Gbam. Even as e dey prison, dem still dey pay salary

You know our problem for this country?

Wetin be our problem

Our problem no be only corruption o because if you check am enh, no be only this country dey corrupt but our problem be say we dey shit for market. Every other country dey shit for toilet and cover am but our own leaders dey shit for market make everybody dey look am.

The corruption here na shameless corruption. That is why dem go fit use twenty seven billion take do renovation while dem go reduce the money for health sector at a time like this

My brother, during a pandemic oo. During a pandemic wey sickness dey everywhere dey kill people.

My own be say, if government no bring all these fraudsters to justice, especially orji uzor kalu another thing go come for them

Nothing go happen. Na today dem start to dey release fraudsters? No be today and nothing dey happen; the only thing wey fit happen now be say dem go even give am higher position for the next election after en tenor don end.

Don’t worry, I don talk am. Something must to happen and e go happen.

Ha ha. Abi na you wan do the thing. Aaaah, I don start to dey fear you now o.

Na you know. Na talk we just dey talk. dem don sue governor obaseki o

Say wetin happen?

Say en university result na fake result; dem talk say en forge am

Who dey sue am?

Na en opponents for the coming election; dem just dey find anything wey dem go take dis credit am for this coming election.

E be like say en get good chance to win because if e no get good chance to win, dem no go dey do all this wan wey dem dey do

En get good chance to win o.

You remember when I talk say na every week fire dey catch somewhere for this country? Fire don catch Aso villa

Enh! Which time? How come dey news no dey everywhere?

Who say? The news dey everywhere na you no wan see am. But no for the part wey bubu dey stay sha.

Den which part?

Na for the Aso villa store

Hmmm, see as fear catch me. But hope say nobody die or injure ?

I no think so; if person die for the fire, dem for don talk am by now.

Na wa o. this fire fire thing enh… something must be done about it o.

Honestly, e don too much now.

Make I go baff

Okay now. Later.

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