Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (78): Abia State Is God’s Own State

Good morning Mazi, abeg you don hear the latest development about abia state governor?

I never hear oh, wetin happen? I hope say e never die?

Na wa o. na so you dey go from zero to hundred? No e never die but e don catch coronavirus

Enh?! You mean say abia state governor get corona now, as me and you dey talk

Yes abia state governor get corona.

Na wa o. where e go catch am from?

If you ask me, who I go ask. Person wey talk say abia state na god’s own state and that corona no know the road to abia state

Na em show corona the road to Abia state now. I hope say e no go turn into something else for am o; make e just receive treatment and heal fast fast

Na the prayer be that because if this sickness kill am like e kill abba kyari; e go be like say abia state no be god’s own state o

Hmmm, en go well and next time when people dey talk something serious; e go take note and take action instead of to come press conference dey talk nonsense

Speaking of nonsense Mazi, you know say Orji Uzor Kalu don resume senate?

Nna enh, I hear that news o. e be like say the protests wey people go protest for national assembly no work

E no work o because even as e resume senate enh; you no hear the nonsense wey dem tell am?

Wetin dem tell am?

Dem tell am say … na honour for politician to go jail for this country

Tah! Who talk that kind nonsense? Na lie abeg

Go read am for news by yourself now, shey you get eyes; go use your eyes read am for yourself, e dey everywhere

Hmmm, I no even know as I go take reply to the thing wey you just talk now now; our so called leaders get liver tell orji uzor kalu say na honour for politician to go jail for this country. Then we no dey head anywhere as a country now

Gbam. Where we wan head when our leaders dey talk like criminals? Abi no be criminals dey boast about the time wey dem go jail

My brother, na only criminals na em I know dey boast with jail. Jail suppose be shameful thing for any normal person of the society.

Our leaders get shame?

Dem no get shame jare. No single shame at all at all.

Another protest don dey happen again o

All these protest protest wey we dey do everywhere wey no dey work; people no dey rest for protest.

As long as things for this country no correct enh, people go dey protest. Youths for katsina dey protest say dem dey kill and kidnap them too much… say dem no get security.

Na protest go bring dem security?

As you dey talk now, wetin you want make dem do. Dem don talk tire and government no wan do anything; na to protest be the next thing now

As me and you dey here so… me and you know say that their protest no go work; protest no dey work for this country. No be for this country politicians dey pay youths to go protest against their enemies and opponents?

Aaah, this wan wey you talk now enh, na something wey we suppose think of; we don forget say some politicians dey pay youths to protest for this country

No be everything wey you use your eye see dey the same with the thing wey dey happen for back of scene.

Exactly. Anyway, make dem dey protest dey go; at least something good fit commot for am and even if nothing commot, at least dem don do something.

Indeed … indeed.

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