Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (77): States Are Free To Be Coronavirus Free

Egbon, how far now? This wan wey you dey send me text message wetin happen?

Mazi, na mistake o… I no even understand my phone again. Ehenh you don hear say Sokota state is now coronavirus free?

Nna enh, the thing wey I hear na say dem don discharge up to one hundred and one people; no be say e now be coronavirus free o

My brother, dem don dey talk say for sokoto state, coronavirus done finish o.

This wan wey all the states dey commot talk say their now coronavirus free, I no come understand

Even Kogi state still dey insist say kogi is coronavirus free and em… this other state… I don forget abeg but the thing be say for now enh, I no dey believe any state wey talk say they are coronavirus free.

Even me sef because the kind lie wey dey everywhere on top of this coronavirus thing enh, e plenty… government go lie their own… state government go join their own lie and NCDC go complete am with their own lie

I no trust anything right now as you dey see me so but if true true dem dey coronavirus free den na good news be that

Abi coronavirus free na good news

You see the pictures of surulere wey dey circulate right now?

Hmmm, my brother, you sure na surulere be that or na dust bin?

Na two of them because surulere don turn into dust bin. Abeg wetin go cause that kind dirty for that town now?

Na dirty dey cause dirty now. Dem talk say na rain because dem no get good drainage system but drainage system na water e dey bring no be dirty

But people for lagos dirty well well o. wen dem dey use gutter for dust bin; dem no know

If dem know, I no think say dem for do am. The kind dirty wey I see for those pictures na the type wey dey cause sickness

Serious sickness, see enh, that kind dirty go even cause coronavirus if you ask me

No be lie o. how people go fit breathe well for that kind environment? This na the reasons lagos no go ever fit claim say dem be coronavirus free.

Which corona virus free? Even if all the states for this country become coronavirus free I no think say lagos go ever be coronavirus free until dem clean all that dirty.

I know say lagos dirty but I no know say e reach like this. The dirty too much abeg… e too much. And no be for open field o, na for places wey people get house

You no see the picture wey dey dirty even reach for front of people house? Even people park their car inside the water with the dirty wey full am

Too bad, too bad. And if government no quick do something about this enh, you know say another pandemic fit fall out

Yes now. No be dirty dey cause serious sickness; in short, as we dey talk now enh, some people don already catch skin disease from this dirty wey spread all around surulere.

Every wahala wey dey this country na lagos e dey start from; how place go dirty like this? The thing shock me for body o

Na only you, as I see those pictures enh, e be like say sickness go even catch me sef.

Ha ha, your own too much, how pictures go make you sick?

You see those pictures at all? You see the kind dirty wey dey those pictures? E be like say you no see am.

I see abeg but pictures no go make anybody sick.

Na you know.

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