Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (74): Video Call From Your Video Phone

Egbon, good morning o… ahn ahn so na your face be this?

Hmmm, Mazi na my face o. since we no fit commot from house like that; make we do video call now

Nna enh, this video call na good thing o. see as I dey see you and you no even dey my front.

Na so technology be. Na video call everybody dey do now o

This technology wan turn to god for person eye o

Ha ha, which kind talk be that abeg, how you go talk say technology na god just because of small video call?

I no talk say technology na god, I talk say e be like god for my eye; e be like say you no dey hear English well sometimes

Na you no dey hear English well. Anyway very soon we go soon dey commot well well o

Who tell you that wan? Abi you don cure corona virus?

No now but as federal government don talk say dem go hand over issues on corona to governors and communities; e mean say things don dey better, no be so?

I no understand that your logic. Federal government talk that wan because dem want make states do the thing wey better for them; all states are not equal and some states get corona pass some other states, so dem go know how dem go dey do themselves

Ehen, ok na true be that… hello… e be like say this video call dey hang… I no fit see your face again o

Na me off am. I wan enter my bedroom carry something.

Ah, so you fit off the video of video call?

Yes now. You fit off am leave only audio

So if you off the video, wetin come be the point of the video call?

Oga, I don on am back. Ah because I know say if I no on am back you no go allow me hear word.

Ehen, I call video call so that I go dey see your face no; now, as I was saying… as federal government don hand over corona virus issues to states and communities, dem sure say those states go make the right decisions without federal government supervision?

Who tell you say federal government no go supervise, dem go still supervise and come into the matter when necessary but for now dem go allow dem to dey make decisions for demselves.

Hmmm ok o. you hear the thing wey Governor Dapo Abiodun talk about health workers?

Wetin en talk?

Hmmm the thing shock me. En talk say make health workers no dey demand increase in salary… that e dey irresponsible for them to dey demand such

What?! Irresponsible to demand for increase in salary? No be their right?

My brother the thing worry me. So health workers no get right to demand for increase in salary but dem fit carry billions of naira go renovate national assembly or take millions of naira as salary for work wey no dey put their life in danger

Our leaders no get shame at all

My brother, dem no get shame. And the thing wey dey annoy me be say dem don forget say dem be public servants and their work na to serve the public

Even we sef don forget say dem be public servants, na em make we dey fear them now; that’s why people like Femi Adesina go dey praise Bubu for no good reason.

Hmmm, you see the news wey talk say Zamfara don discharge their last corona patient?

I see am o. the thing wey I no understand na whether dem no get any other corona case again.

Na so dem talk now. Case don finish for their side.

Hmmm, I pray make e remain like that.

Me too. Anyways make I come dey go. I really enjoy this our video call o

Me sef, make we dey do well well

No problem. Bye

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