Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (67): From Pandemic to Scamdemic

Mazi, the only Mazi of this pandemic wey don turn to scamdemic

Abeg Egbon I no be Mazi of any pandemic and which wan be scamdemic?

Aaah, you never hear of scamdemic before? No be our government, dem don turn this corona pandemic into scamdemic.

As how? I still no understand.

Dem don use corona virus scam us now; all the money wey all those companies and rich people don donate done reach at least nineteen billion naira and we never see anything wey dem don do with the money wey make any impact

Nna enh, you see this thing wey you talk now now na the thing wey me and my wife discuss yesterday. E be like say dem don leave the national cake and na the corona cake dem face now.

Haha. Abeg no make me laugh. Which wan come be corona cake again?

No be the scamdemic wey you talk now now be the corona cake? Instead of dem to use the money to buy or make more test kits and test more people; dem don start to dey share the money.

As far as I dey concern enh. E get some states wey dem no dey test anybody; dem go just come out with any number wey dem feel like and we no get anybody to question so na the thing wey dem tell us we go carry dey go.

Scamdemic. Dem don scam us tire. You know say the owner of AIT channel don recover from corona

Enh don recover? That’s good and I fear for am o because en no be young person like that like that.

As en recover, en come talk say all the times wey dem carry am go isolation centre and dem treat am en no see en test results at all at all

I no understand, how dem go treat person and the person no go even see en test results for the thing wey dem dey treat am for?

If you ask me, who I go ask. Na dey scamdemic na em we dey talk so. NCDC  come talk say dem no dey send result to individuals, na states dem dey send results to.

So wetin that wan mean? Say individuals no get right to their result? So government fit come my house carry me go isolation centre without showing me prove say I get corona

E be like say na wetin dem dey talk be that. Dem go just come with mouth tell you say you get corona and start to dey give you medicine and if you die; dem go talk say na corona kill you whether na mistake dem make or not.

This is not good at all. This is violation of human rights

Na you talk am. Wetin you go do about am, if no be to dey pray say you no go get the disease?

Hmmm, this country dey tire me sometimes.

Sometimes? This country dey tire me every time. Every single time.

NCDC dey tell people wey survive the disease say make dem no dey call the name of the medicine wey dem give them for isolation centre for people.

Why? That one too na bad thing?

My brother. I know for this our government?

This na scamdemic true true.

Yes o. real wan. Make I come dey go, I never chop today o

You? Na lie abeg.

Okay no be say I never chop but the thing wey I chop this morning na very small pap; that wan no be food.

E no really be food but e enter your belle. Okay no problem, later.


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