Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (72): Network No Good

Hello… Mazi… Hello… I no fit hear you ooo

Hello… Egbon… your network no good, I no fit hear you

I dey hear now. How far?

I dey o. I just phone you to great you and these people network no good

Maybe na the rain wey fall cause am. You know say every time wey rain fall, e dey affect network.

Nna enh, the wahala of network for this country. No be so I get serious video call yesterday and network no good.

Ahn ahn, Mazi you sef dey do video call?

Dey der dey sleep on top bicycle, we don enter technology era now o and if you no fit do business for internet; you go go backwards o

This thing wey you talk now, na the same thing me and my wife discuss yesterday. We have to learn to use technology do business for this country

I dey tell you. But enh, as we dey learn to dey do business for inside internet; the people wey we dey buy internet from need to step up, because if you dey do business for internet and your network hook, customers no go hear say network no good

Some go understand and some no go understand.

Nna enh, nobody go understand. As I do my video call yesterday and my network hook; nobody understand say my network no good. Dem just take am as if na me no even wan join the meeting at all at all

But dem no know say network matter no be your fault?

Dem know now but sometimes in the business world people the find excuse to go meet your competition do the business wey you suppose don get.

Hmmm, I understand. Maybe as 5G dey come now things like this go stop kpatakpata

You dey talk of 5G, na your house the 5G dey come first? You don forget say for this world, wen something come, e go first go western world side and na we for Africa be the last to receive am. Before 5G go come our side enh, na another two years

Ahn ahn, Mazi, no talk like that now. Things dey change fast for Africa now o. e no be like before wey we dey come last; some of our African countries don dey try

Abeg leave that side, I no even wan enter that long argument with you this morning; especially as network no good. People dey ease lockdown but El rufai dey extend en own lockdown for Kaduna for another two weeks

Na so I hear o. toh, we no fit criticize am; na the thing wey en deem fit for en state, na em he dey do

Na true you talk. Because each state dey different and the kind lifestyle wey people for each state dey live also dey different well well

Exactly, El rufai even talk say any parent wey carry en pikin go do almajiri go go jail.

This en talk don overdue now; dem supposed to dey arrest parents wey send their children for almajiri tey tey.

As en don talk am now, I hope say no be audio law; law wey dem no go enforce.

We go dey watch dey see now; e get any other thing wey we fit do again?

We fit protest

You and who wan go protest?

We go protest for internet now. Since everything now don dey on top internet. And you don become internet master.

Ha ha mtshw. Abeg no make me laugh, common video call wey I dey make, network no good; na to come dey protest for internet… I no get better thing to do now?

To protest no be bad thing. Na people wey love their country dey protest

And na people wey love themselves no dey protest.. no be so?… hello..hello… you dey hear me? Hello… this network no good at all.

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