Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (71): Sallah Break Discussion

Hello Mazi, happy sallah break o

Egbon, my brother, I wish you the same. How you dey now? The weather dey alright today o

Honestly, e dey do me make I climb bed dey sleep till tomorrow.

Aaaah, na only drunkard dey sleep like that o. hope say you never start to dey drink like drunkard?

Ahn ahn, which kind question be this? Abeg no insult me during this sallah break period o

Or wetin? So dem nor dey insult you for this sallah break period?

Oh so you don agree say you insult me?

Haba? Who insult you now? Na because I ask simple question na em you come dey talk say I dey insult you? Abeg leave that wan make we discuss sallah break discussion.

Wetin you wan discuss

Hmmm, my brother. You don hear the thing wey some patients wey dem discharge from corona isolation centre talk?

Abeg wetin dem talk?

Hmmm, this wan heavy for my mouth like sallah break meat.

Mazi, talk now

Dem talk say, government carry dem go isolation centre for treatment of corona virus but as dem dey there en; dem no receive even one medicine at all at all

Enh! Ahn ahn. So if dem no receive medicine, wetin dem come dey there dey do?

If you ask me, who we go ask? Dem dey isolation centre dey chop and drink and after a while dem discharge them say dem don heal from corona

Ha ha. I no even fit laugh. See enh I don dey talk this thing since and I stand by my word.

Wetin be the word wey you stand by?

I don dey talk say government and NCDC dey lie to us about this corona thing wey dey happen.

No be lie o, dem dey lie. Something is going on

Hmmm. Something is definitely going on. Remember the time when dem talk say corona patients for Gombe dey protest?

Yes I remember.

Okay make I ask you something. How come people wey dey sick get energy to go protest under hot sun for express road? When I look myself, even the time when I get common malaria; I no think say I go get any power to stand for road say I dey protest. You don see picture of people wey get corona for obodo oyinbo?

The difference get big gap

The difference get too much gap. And my problem be say Nigerians no dey ask questions; we just siddon dey allow these people do anything wey dem want.

See the other time wey some patients commot from isolation centre talk say dem no use their corocoro eyes see their test result, nobody talk anything

How I go go hospital for treatment, treatment of serious disease and dem no go show me my test results; dem no go even explain to me the thing wey dey worry me in detail.

My brother, make you check am. Me sef I ask myself that question. And e even be like say some other small small lies don dey cast during this sallah break period.

Na wa o. how we go find the truth for this country? And if we find the truth, how we go persecute the culprits? How?

This question wey you ask me so na good question. Because na one thing to catch the people wey dey lie but na another thing to punish them well for their actions

Nigeria na wa

Na real Nigeria na wa. Make we just dey watch

Yes o. na to dey watch and see how everything go turn out, as e dey so businesses don dey open small small and by gods grace things go enter normal mode.

Amen o. amen.

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