Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (70): The Law of Wisdom

Hello Mazi… good morning o. happy autonomous day oo

Hmmm Egbon, no happy Ramadan you mean? Which wan be autonomous again?

You never hear about the new law wey Bubu sign into en executive order?

Which new law? Na law about Ramadan?

No oo. Na wan new law say state government no go get control over the funds for state house of assembly members and the state judges.

Ehen, I no hear am o. so wetin this new law come mean now?

E mean say state governors no go get power to frustrate and control state house of rep members again. En no fit talk say e no go pay them their salaries; that control no dey again as the state house of rep members and state judges go receive their salaries directly straight into their bank account.

Ahn ahn, that is good. Na good law be this. So you mean say with this new law now the thing wey Yahaya Bello do wey en no gree pay in deputy salary for two years no go ever happen again?

At all. Wickedness like that go reduce.

But e no go end?

E get anything for this life wey fit end wickedness?

Hmmm, my brother…

Even if Jesus come down from heaven now; wickedness no go still end because god give everybody freedom to do the thing wey dem wan do and some people go still choose wickedness.

Na true you talk. Everybody get free will

Everybody get free will! And e no get any law wey go stop that will.

You don hear about the latest progress NCDC don make?

I hear o. say dem don pass stage one of making test kit for Nigeria

Nna enh, na the real news be this because if dem fit to make corona test kits for this country den dem go fit test everybody quick quick

Mazi enh, but you know say e be only about test kit. Okay if dem do test kit and dem test everybody now; we get standard hospitals to treat people?

Egbon, one thing at a time. No be after test dem go come see how many people go need treatment.

Na wa o. which kind talk be this? So you want make dem wait until thousands of people get the disease before dem go start to dey build quality hospitals?

No be me talk that wan o, na you talk am.

Aaaaah, see as you dey twist my words

I no twist anything. Sometimes you dey talk as if you no know your country people, as dem don dey see how to make test kits for Nigeria; no be good thing?

Na good thing

So why you dey complain for my head?

Na wa o. na opinion I get, I no wan quarrel with you abeg

Who talk anything about quarrel now?

No be you dey talk say I dey complain for your head because I ask simple question?

See enh, Nigerians too dey complain … if you do A dem go talk say where B dey and if you do C dem go talk say you no even think about D and you dey do C. no be small small person go take climb stair case.

Okay o. I don hear. But make I just tell you this wan sha… as we dey hear for naija dey climb stair case, other countries outside dey jump that same stair case. Whether you like am or not, na true.

I talk say other countries no dey jump? Egbon, all fingers are no equal o

If all fingers are not equal, why must it be our own that is short?

Na Bubu you go ask that question.

Mtshw. Abeg I dey go baff.

No problem.

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