Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (68): Natural Joy Doesn’t Come Naturally

Mazi, good morning o. how was the weekend?

Egbon, well done o. my weekend dey kamkpe. This wan wey you phone me and you dey happy so, wetin happen?

Nothing o. na natural joy dey do me… abi you no get natural joy?

You don come again with you English. Which wan come be natural joy again?

Aaaah Mazi, natural joy na dey type wey you just get now. Wey you go just dey happy just like that.

Mtshw, instead of you to talk say you done chop wan better food or you drink correct beer this morning; you come dey tell me about natural joy. Natural joy my foot.

Na wa o. person no fit happy for your side again. Anyway, I no go allow you collect my natural joy. You hear say ebonyi state government don lift ban on religious gatherings?

I hear o. nna enh, na dead move be that. E be like say some people for this our government no hear of the thing wey happen for Ghana. Ghana open up their economy and talk say make everybody dey waka free and before you know am corona don return times two

Even for some northern states, no be religious gathering make the corona virus cases increase?

Exactly, even for north korea wey dem open their economy and one person go share am for clubs. Anyway na dem know. Ganduje don reduce the salaries of political appointees o

Na lie.

Why you go talk say na lie. You no see the thing wey dey on ground; where dem go commot money to pay all those political appointees wey get high salaries.

Na true, money no dey. So how en take reduce am?

En slash am into half o.

Aaaah. A whole half? Hmmm, all the money wey dem dey see up and down no dey again o

Where dem go see am. Na god dey catch dem small small

Dem no go protests?

Make dem protest make government remove dem put another person now. You thing say time dey, even bubu no get time for stress na em make him dey address us once a month.

My brother, na true you talk. but bubu dey address us today now… like around that seven o’clock. You go watch?

I be Nigerian?

E get people wey no go watch now. Anyway, you see wan video of wan pastor wey dey deny en church members because corona task force catch am

Nna enh, I see the video o. laugh wan kill me; en even get guts to talk say en church members na catholic people. Serious shameless denial o

Honestly, even me sef… I laugh saytaaaay, my belle pain me. Dem talk say no church service but you no wan hear word and now wey dem don catch you, you come dey lie and dey lie on top the church members wey you put for trouble.

Na the life wey we dey be that. Our country people no dey hear word even with everything wey dey happen wan couple still do big wedding on Saturday and task force go scatter the wedding.

Na the thing wey dem like be that now. Something wey dem fit do small for their palour for house; e no good until dem do am for big church and government scatter am

Dem lucky say dem no carry dem with their wedding clothes go prison

Honestly. Make I come dey go

This wan wey you no wan talk for long, you wan go receive another joy from your beer bottle?

Mazi, my joy no be from drink; na natural

Okay o. I don hear.

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Pidgin News (68): Natural Joy Doesn’t Come Naturally
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