Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (62): The Real Work has not Started

Hello Egbon, how far now? You dey go work today?

Aaah Mazi, just because dem don reduce the lockdown no mean say I go dey waka up and down.

Na simple question I ask o. If you no dey go work today just talk am

The fact say I no dey commot house go work no mean say I no dey work.

Hmmm, na one chance I enter this morning o. I talk say you no dey work? Me as I dey house this past month you think say I no work?

I no talk say you no work now, na wetin I talk be that? I just dey tell you say I no dey follow other people resume office but I go dey work from my house.

No be the thing wey you suppose tell me since be that? Na wa for you o. so that means you no dey commot you house be that

I no dey commot o. I think say maybe I go go that newspaper stand wey we dey meet but I change my mind because many people dey commot today whether dem get things to do or not. So I no wan risk am abeg

I feel you. I think of am too but I change my mind abeg. Na today many people go commot catch the virus.

I dey tell you. Even civil servants for lagos no dey even resume work today, Sanwo Olu talk say make dem siddon for house.

That wan better. All these rush rush to ease lockdown na em go cause another problem for this country. Look at Kano now

Hmmm, my brother you know say all the deaths wey just dey happen anyhow for Kano na corona virus cause am o

Nna enh, if Kano no siddon well do the thing wey dey suppose do, water go pass garri and their situation go turn to Italy style

With all the people wey don die for Kano you still think say e never enter Italy style? As far as I dey concern, e don enter Italy style.

And Ganduje dey talk say the cause of all those deaths na because dem no quick test dem

Asides that sef enh, the almajiris wey dem dey send up and down dey spread the virus for different states and now the other states wey those almajiris go don dey send dem back to Kano

Ehenh, you hear say everybody wey go Kyari burial don do corona test and all of the test na negative

Na so dem talk? I no believe am

See enh, if e no be true; the truth go still commot and if one person catch am during the burial dem no go fit hide am

Na true, make we dey watch and see. You don see the amount of people wey don lose their job for this town?

You dey talk about this town? What about this country? But the good thing be say FG don dey step in. Godwin Emiefele don talk say make any bank no sack anybody without en permission.

Which time en talk that wan?

E be like say dem do meeting with bank MDs yesterday

Then that wan before o, if not the way bank go begin sack people en; serious wahala go dey

Wahala don already dey; all these wan wey we dey do now na wahala management.

As in eh. Serious wahala management. God go help us

Honestly. Make I come dey go before my credit finish

Dem no dey even give you bonus? Every time you dey complain of credit.

I complain reach you side?

I no even get energy for quarrel just dey go make I hear word.

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