Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (60): When Good News is also Bad News

Hello Egbon.. good news o. you done hear the good news?

Mazi, which good news be this wan wey you dey talk about?

You never hear wetin Bubu talk? en talk say lockdown go reduce on Saturday and we go continue with life as usual. I go fit open my shop finally

Mazi, abeg no make me laugh. Wetin be the good news for the thing wey you just talk? na the reduction of lockdown or that you go fit open your shop?

I no understand your question

Make I help you understand. You see enh, NCDC announce today say the new cases wey commot reach one hundred and ninety five; you know wetin e mean? E mean say cases don dey fire up and if cases dey fire up like this, commoting of lockdown no be good news at all at all and for you to go open shop and risk your health that wan too no be good news.

Hmmm, I no know say dey cases increase today like this o

My brother, the cases dey increase everyday like say person dey share am secretly and the thing wey dey even pain me pass na the people wey go test positive and run.

Nna enh, na that wan na en I no even understand. If person sick, no be hospital en go go? And no be say corona na HIV wey no get cure o; people dey recover from this sickness

You know our country people now. Their own mind set na say make people no know say I get this sickness if not them go run from me.

So because I no want make people rum from me; I no go collect medicine treat myself? Instead I go run from government and go die? Na wa o

Na so we see am. For Borno and Benin some people wey get the virus run commot now; na by god’s grace dem take catch them.

Them suppose arrest those kind people after dem don recover from the sickness.

I dey tell you. For another country sef, dem go charge them for murder because dem put people at risk to catch the virus

Serious risk. Since you no gree say my lockdown news no be good news, I get another good news for you.

Which good news again, Mazi?

NCDC talk say dem don commot emergency stage of Lassa fever

Wetin that wan even mean?… emergency stage

E mean say the people wey dey catch am don reduce and everything  is under control.

Ehen, that na good news now. With all this corona wahala we don forget say people still dey die from Lassa fever

I dey tell you, in short we don forget say people still dey die from all other types of sickness including malaria

Malaria still dey kill people?

No ask this kind question for outside o, people go think say you no go school.

No now, with all the medicine wey we get for malaria; e no suppose kill like that again now

No be because you get money to buy medicine; what of the people wey no get money to buy medicine nkor?

Na wa o. I swear enh, if you no talk this thing; my mind no go ever think am like that. You hear say Friday na public holiday?

I hear o. no be to celebrate workers day? As dem dey celebrate workers day, dem suppose do another day to celebrate health workers too.

Na true far. With all the things wey health workers don do, we suppose get health workers day too.

Health workers don try; na dem dey risk their lives for things like this

Honestly. Na only god go bless dem.

Only god. Make I come dey go abeg. I say make I greet you

You do well.

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