Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (59): Ghana Must GO Back Into Lockdown

Hello Mazi.. good morning o

Good morning Egbon. How far now? You hear the thing wey dey happen for Ghana? You know say dem lift their lockdown for Ghana

Yes I remember. Dem even celebrate the time wey dem lift the lockdown

Nna enh, Ghana don get two hundred and seventy one new cases now as I dey talk to you

E no surprise me now; when all these oyinbo countries never commot their lockdown, na Ghana wan form nonsense. Mtshw

My brother now dem go start from square one again. anyway e no go hard dem since Ghana na small country.

Na dem do theirself now. Something wey dem for take advantage of and make sure say their country first dey kankpe dem just loose guard.

Na serious loose guard be this because if dem get up to two hundred cases now; by next week e go reach a higher number. But this lockdown no look as if e go end anytime soon o

E no go end anytime soon. Something wey Kaduna state government don extend their own by one month

Na wa o. which time dem increase their own?

I no know. E be like say na yesterday dem announce am and this time dem dey serious o; the way dem dey arrest people anyhow enh

No be only Kaduna even for Abuja here; dem dey arrest people anyhow and mobile court dey charge them quick quick

Na true sef. I see am for TV. How mobile court dey charge people for road there sharp sharp but my question be say, as dem dey charge people on top phone enh; wetin be the proof say dey person wey dey charge them na judge true true?

Egbon, na good question be that, maybe e get how dem dey take identify demself for phone so that you go know the person wey dey judge your case

Maybe. As you see me so enh… I no know say for this life amala go tire me

You don tire to dey chop amala?

Mazi, I no even fit use my eye take see amala. Kai, my wife don cook am too much

Why she dey cook amala like that?

Because na the only thing wey we get for house boku and she talk say we must to finish am before we finish the bag of rice.

Hmmm. I understand her point, you as women dey; just dey follow am small small

Mazi, I no dey follow am anywhere… abi you no hear wetin I talk? I no fit take my korokoro eyes take look amala again. Abeg, I no fit come kill myself because we dey manage food for house.

That one too dey. Ndo enh, e no easy. This mysterious deaths wey dey happen for Kano, na corona dey cause am

Me I no know o. Emir of Kano talk say e no relate to corona

If no be corona, make dem come tell us wetin dey happen for that state wey people just dey did anyhow

E be like say dem no even know sef.

Hmmm, na wa o. the things wey dey happen for this world in this period na wa.

Honestly. Make I go baff

So you never baff and you dey talk to me for phone

You wey dey talk, you don baff?

Me wey dey baff twice a day

Okay o. baffing machine. Bye bye

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