Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (58): Fake News Real Consequences

Hello Mazi… how far now? This wan wey you no wan pick my call; wetin happen?

Egbon… which time you phone me wey I no pick?

Aaah, I call you two times this morning; abi you wan talk say you no see my missed call?

I know say e no good to swear but I swear say I no see am. Maybe na another person na em you call and you think say na me.

Hmmm okay o, if na so you wan talk. you hear wetin WHO talk? Dem talk say e no get anything wey prove say person wey done get corona before and get cure no go fit catch am again.

Which time dem talk that wan?

You dey ask as if na me form am put for news. Na them talk am, go read or watch news you go see am. I call especially to tell you this one, make you know; because na you dey talk say if person don catch corona before, dem no go fit catch am again.

No be only me talk that one now, everybody dey talk am; even for news that time dem talk am.

I don tell you the thing wey WHO talk, so no go dey spread fake news.

How you go talk say I dey spread fake news? Which kind accusation be that?

Mazi, abeg no vex. I no talk say you dey spread fake news, I mean say…

You mean wetin? If you call me to insult me this evening, I no go tolerate am

Ahn ahn, why you come dey change am for me this evening? I don insult you before?

I don talk my own. You how I no like fake news because fake news dey cause serious problem for this world; some people don die because of fake news. No talk say I dey spread fake news, instead just talk say dey wan wey I hear no correct

Okay o. I don hear. So how far now? You still dey sell face mask?

I no dey sell face mask again o. as I no be pharmacy, how I go sell am with this lockdown wey I no fit open my shop sell anything.

Na wa o. and I dey think say as government don talk say everybody must to wear face mask by fire and by force, you don hammer.

Nna enh. I no hammer anything. For this period, the people wey hammer na people wey dey sell food and medicine.

Na truth you talk. but I just dey wonder now say enh, since government don talk say everybody must to dey wear face mask… what about people wey no get money to buy the face mask? How dem go come do? Government go arrest dem?

I no know o. but I no think government go arrest dem; dem suppose know say hunger dey and if person get three hundred naira only; na food en go buy and no be face mask

You don talk am finish. I hear wan fake news say if you inject yourself with Dettol corona no go catch you.

Na fake news be that o. na even president of America talk am and dem don warn to no dey talk that kind thing.

Na wa o. how he go dey spread that kind fake news; en no know say people go take am to heart go dey inject theirself with Dettol.

My brother. Everybody just dey craze for this period. no be everything wey I see online I dey believe, one has to be careful

Exactly. Abeg make I come dey go before my credit finish

You try. Bye bye.

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