Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (57): BVN Is Not Just a Number

Hello Mazi, how far now? How today?

Egbon, today dey alright o. I no fit complain… I just dey check for my BVN number

Wetin you wan use your BVN do?

You never hear? You never hear say government talk say dem wan use BVN give people money?

No be say dem wan use BVN give people money but na your BVN dem go use know whether you get money or you no get money

Wetin be the difference? No be still the BVN dem go use know my account and transfer money enter my account

Mazi, I no understand you. All the money wey you don make for your shop never do you? With all that money, you still dey hustle government money

See me see trouble o. you no know say government money na my money. As I dey make money for my shop, I no dey pay tax? No be from that tax dem go take share money come my side for this corona virus time? Abeg no even vex me this morning

Na wa o. abeg no vex. I just dey talk as per you be big man and you no need the small small money wey government dey share for poor people

Egbon, forget that side. Money na money whether na one naira or na one milliona naira…. Ehen I don see my BVN. Thank god

Wait fes. You loss am before?

No o. I just no know the place where I save am. You see for news as FG apologize for Kyari burial?

Apologize say wetin?

Because dem  no do the social distancing during the burial now.

Oh oh oh. Dem don finally see the error in their ways

Dem don finally see am but PDP dey talk say make dem arrest everybody wey go dey burial

Abeg leave PDP and their political agenda. The thing wey suppose talk of now na Kano state and the wahala wey dey happen there

My brother, no be small wahala o. I hear say one hundred and fifty people die for Kano in one day and dem dey cover am up

Na so me sef hear o but e possible say the news no be true

You can’t say that. There is no smoke without fire or a smoke machine

Yes I no say smoke no dey without fire but e fit be say dem add jara for the story

Enh, that one possible but everything no be lie. People die for that state and dem dey cover am up

The governor don dey tell them say dem go celebrate the coming Ramadan for house

Make e talk am well make dem hear if not more wahala go start; because the rate at which the cases just dey increase dey baffle me.

Honestly, the thing just dey worry me too o.

We go dey take am one day at a tym

Na the only option we get be that. Make me sef go find my BVN in case

Better go find am.

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