Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (56): Kyari was Buried by Hypocrites

Egbon, I don tire o

Wetin dey tire you Mazi?

This corona virus now. From this thing wey I dey see so… e be like say the lockdown no go end anytime soon

See enh, with the way the cases just dey increase every day; I gree say the lockdown no go end anytime soon and for the people in government to exercise caution dey no do am

Nna enh, how dem go exercise caution wen dem all be hypocrite; you no see the way wey dem bury Kyari? Dem suppose do burial for am like that?

If na normal person dem for go arrest all the people wey go that burial. You watch am?

I watch am no. dem no even practise social distancing and some people no even wear gloves or mask

The thing don tire me. Even the journalist wey dey report for AIT no even wear mask sef

I see am o. na for the end of the burial ceremony en come carry handkerchief dey do mask

Handkerchief na mask? People just dey do like say mask na cloth; dem no know say the material wey dem use do the mask no be ordinary cloth dem use do am, na special material.

Abeg help me tell dem because I don dey see all kinds of mask. Mask wey dem use shedda make so that e go match babariga or mask wey dem use Ankara make. I no even understand Nigerians again

Dem dey play too much; everything dey easily turn to play for their eyes. Ehen, you see for news say Abba Kyari no even contact NCDC wen en catch corona?

I no see o. the wan wey I see na say the time wey the sickness hold am; dem carry am go London but dem no let the plane land for London, na em make dem carry am go Lagos

Na wa o. so dem even try carry am go abroad?

Na wa for you o. you no know your government people again; dem go first try their luck now. You hear say Ganduje sack wan commissioner wey dey jubilate say Kyari don die?

I no hear am o. en jubilate for public or for private?

E be like say na for public en jubilate o and Ganduje come see am sack am

Ha ha, some people stupid o. if you dey jubilate because your enemy don die, na for public you go do am?

I know for some people? Maybe en think say nothing go happen because plenty people no like that kyari

People no like kyari?

Na wa for you o. you dey this country at all? So you no know say kyari na the leader of bubu cabal; no body fit reach bubu unless you pass kyari and that kyari na the source of all Osibanjo political problems

I no know o.

Aah. Na kyari dey share all the money and na em get control for all the decision wey bubu the make

I no say en dey chance Osibanjo but I no know say e bad like that

My brother. E bad. E bad well well.

Hmmm… this life and now wey en don die; dem no fit bury am with en power

My brother dem no fit o.

Make I come dey go before my credit finish

Okay o. bye bye.

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