Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (53): Easter is at Home this Year

Hello Mazi… how far now. Happy Easter o

Egbon, happy Easter. Wetin una do for Easter

Wetin we go do? We watch mass for television and my wife cook and we chop, nothing more

Same here. But e be like say some people still go church after government warning.

You no know your people again? Dem must still try. Dem arrest some pastors now. People just dey waka as if dem no talk say make we isolate

Na only cane go make dem hear word. This Easter just dey make me reflect

Reflect about wetin?

I just dey think of last year ending and all the plans wey we get for 2020; now see how 2020 dey now.

My brother, na so life be. We go siddon make plan but nobody know how life go go. The only thing be say we go thank God say we even get life to see Easter this year and as we see the Easter, na so we go see every other celebration for this year.

Amen o. nna enh, e be like say the robbery for lagos and ogun state don too much o. people don dey talk say make the governor resign as en no wan provide security for the people and many people for ogun state don dey even make weapons for demselves.

Na wa o. I hear am but I no know say e reach like that oo. From one wahala to the other, which kind life be this?

E plenty o but things go reduce after the arrest wey dem just make

Dem arrest the thieves?

Yes, like fifty of them sef. And more still dey roam around for that state.

Fifty na good start now. If dem fit arrest fifty of the armed robbers den dem go fit catch the remaining or e go make fear catch any other thief wey wan enter market.

We go dey watch dey go now. You hear the thing wey minister of health talk?

Wetin en talk?

En talk say no be government invite the Chinese doctors wey come naija. Say na wan Chinese construction company invite them.

Ehen. But na government still say make them enter now. No be government go give permission?

Tor, as dem don talk say na government invite, dem how we go do? But no be say the doctors enter and dem go straight to the hospital come dey treat patients o. dem done quarantine dem, dem even spend Easter for the quarantine.

Chinese people dey do Easter sef? Anyway e good as dem quarantine dem

In short, anybody wey wan enter the country now must to enter quarantine. You see as governor of imo just dey supervise the people wey dey share food?

I see o. that wan better because if en leave dem, all the people wey dey share that food go pack am go their house.

I dey tell you. I no envy people wey no get money to buy food for this period at all

But some churches try, dem share food for some of their member for Easter celebration.

That wan good now. Hmmm which time this virus go end now?

My brother I don tire to dey ask that question myself sef. E go end surely surely

I pray. Alright now, make I come dey go

No be on top phone you dey. Where you go dey go again.

Abeg leave me. Bye bye.

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