Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (55): Kyari Did Not Make It

Hello Egbon Egbon… you don sleep?

Hello Mazi, wetin happen wey you dey call me for night like this; you know wetin dey time be?

Abeg no vex; na the news on ground na em make me the call. You never hear?

Hear wetin?

Nna enh, Abba Kyari done die ooo

Na lie! Ehn ehn. You mean say the corona virus don finally kill am

Na so dem talk o

Which time en die?

Some people talk say na yesterday en die and another person talk say en don die since but dem no wan talk until dem go bury am

Aaaah. Corona ooo.

My brother. The thing na shocking news o. just because en go obodo oyinbo come back, na so en life take end kpata kpata

I dey tell you. And you know say trip wey carry Kyari go Germany that time, no be him suppose go; na Osibanjo suppose go that Germany trip

No be even Osibanjo sef, if you wan look am in the official manner; na the minister of power or foreign affairs suppose go that trip.

Na em e chance am go come meet en death. You know say na the second time Osibanjo dey dodge death be this. The first time na for that helicopter crash for Kogi and the second wan be this trip wey en for go for Germany wey kyari chance am

Hmmmm. Which time dem go bury am now?

Na today now. You know say muslims no dey waste time for burial, na the thing wey I like about them be that. Dem dey quick bury their dead and move on.

So if corona na come kyari for still dey alive

Yes o. corona no be joke and hopefully this kyari death go teach some people wey no believe say corona dey very real.

So who go come take en place as chief of staff?

Na bubu go answer that question o. I sure say dem done get list of potential people wey go take that position because at this crucial time dem need to put person wey go replace kyari quick quick.

Very fast o, no time to check time

Nna enh, no time to check time.

As you call me, fear catch me small o. I think say something happen for your house.

God forbid. Na just news wey I hear and I no fit sleep until I tell you; the thing shake me because this kyari na powerful figure for that state house and just like that en don kpai. This life enh, nothing dey this life

My brother this life na scam. Vanity upon vanity; all na vanity. You go see as dem go bury am today and everything go end as if en no even come this world at all at all. Na so e be

Hmmm, no matter the money, power or wealth wey person get when death come your door; na go be that o

Nna enh, na so kyari take go o. chai. Make I leave you make you sleep. Till tomorrow.

Okay bye bye.

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